The Good Wife by Jane Porter

 The Good Wife

Reviewed by Desere

The good wife, is a term many of us has been blessed to hear when a friend tells you that you are indeed a good wife. But are you really, or are you simply keeping up the appearance for the sake of pride and not wanting the world to know that your perfect marriage is anything but perfect?

Or is it more a matter of loving your husband so much that letting him go is the furthest thought from your mind, for living without him would kill you?

In the case of Sarah it is the unconditional love she feels for her professional baseball player husband Boone that leaves her hanging on to a life of turmoil and doubt. Three years ago Boone cheated on her but he also swore he would never do it again. And because of her strong love for him she forgave him and they moved on with their lives or at least she tried.

But as any of us that have been cheated on before knows, there is always that little flicker of doubt floating in the back of your mind and learning to trust again without the voice of doubt making a re-appearance at the worst of times, is easier said than done.

With Boone out on the road Sarah cannot help but wonder if he shares his bed with any and every willing female sports fan that might be hanging around wanting to score with one of the big boys. A twist of events leaves Sarah and Boone stranded yet again on a island of doubt, emotional upset, heartache, the past threatening to tear it all out into the open and Sarah is left with the choice of either taking a stand. She needs to either trust her husband completely again or walk away and start a new life without the man she so desperately loves.

The character of Sarah was really well written and she made me cry my eyes out right throughout the book. I felt such deep sadness for Sarah, as having to not only find the strength to stay with your husband and try to repair your marriage but having to find your inner-diva again and walk with confidence and feel respected again has got to be one of the hardest things to do.

Most woman will walk away from it all, not stopping for a minute to consider doing anything and everything she can to fix it, but Sarah is not that kind. The author made Sarah strong and ready to fight for her man yet at the same time the author made her very realistic by letting me as reader see and feel the doubt she experiences when Boone is out on the road, to me this showed that the author is in touch with reality and this is so much more than just a story to her with characters. It often happens in other reads where the heroine is able to move past the issue and carry on and the authors do not really stop and fully let me as reader in on the "behind the scenes of the mind". Thank you Jane!

The character of Boone was yes wrong for cheating on his wife, but as in real life all of us come across a temptation so strong that resisting is simply the after thought when the harm as been done, and the very deep connection to real life again was refreshing!

I did like that the author lets him also be willing to fix the marriage as a sports star can very easily decide to rather choose a easy life enabling him to sleep with any woman he wants to anytime, anywhere with no problems of any kind, again not the kind of thing most men in his position would do so the author again surprised me. I also loved how the author wrote the character of Boone with such intensity that I could not help but feel sorry for him in some instances, even though I knew the man does not really deserve it ,as to a certain extent it was still human error but also still cheating so I was a bit torn but the author going deep into the characters frame of mind let it all come together beautifully that my torn emotions took on the route of this is as close to real life as it gets.

The backdrop settings and dialogue all blended in beautifully with this read. The author hit all the right notes with emotions of heartache, joy, deceit, temptation, love and trust,  the list goes on and on. The read had me entranced and not being able to wait to see what the outcome for Boone and Sarah will be, and my what a stunning ending it was.

It took me well over a hour to come back down to earth after reading this powerful read with all the emotions of happiness and sadness.  The author gave it all on so many levels and I totally loved every minute!

I am taking away a message of when the going gets tough the answer is not always to get going, instead stick around and believe in order to achieve. Love is the strongest emotion possible and without it you might crumble, losing yourself along the way.

I highly recommend this read for all Jane Porter fans. And for any and every fan of realistic, drama filled romances that not only teach real life lessons but also capture the true beauty of life and love.

5/5 star review
" Being a good wife is a game of love, doubt, trust and letting go of the past"

Reviewed by Nas

THE GOOD WIFE (A Brennan Sisters Novel) by author Jane Porter is a September 2013 release.

This is Sarah, the youngest Brennan sister’s story. She is the stay at home loyal wife while her husband Boone Walker travels all year around. After his first indiscretion, though he promised he’d never be unfaithful again, could Sarah really trust him?

He did betray her. Could he build the trust bridge to help his relationship with his wife?

THE GOOD WIFE is a well-written family saga. The author Jane Porter introduced us to this series and I have been looking forward to reading this final story. It’s very dramatic at times yet realistic. Highly recommended to readers.
Reviewed by Shirley

Infidelity can be a death toll to a marriage, a beacon to cracks in the union, or just a rash decision. In Jane Porter's newest book, she weaves a tale of one such journey as a couple experiences the trials and tribulations of patching the crack made from a selfish rash decision.

Handsome, charismatic, and athletic, Boone Walker is a ballplayer forced to spend long, lonely nights away from home as he follows his team in his chosen career. Fiercely in love with his wife, he,nevertheless, made a bad judgement call and became involved with a fan three years ago. Ultimately discovered of his betrayal by his wife, he has tried for the intervening years to restore the trust in his wife's eyes. Now he wonders. Will he be successful or will the breach tear them apart?

Beautiful,maternal and loyal, Sara Brennan Walker has strived to provide the perfect home life for her husband and family. Handling every detail to ensure a smooth transition as they moved from city to city with her husband's change of teams, she has always felt secure in her husband's love and devotion until his betrayal. Now the questions are piling up. What didn't she provide that he searched for in someone else? Has all her sacrifices to be the perfect wife been in vain? If he cheated once, could she trust he would not do it again? 

A superbly written story with well developed characters provides insight into both sides of a marriage trying to move past the ultimate betrayal. The secondary characters of family and friends shows the impact of outside opinions on the thought processes to the final outcome. I found this book extremely thought provoking, engaging in different emotions with each turn of each page. A real page turner. I would recommend this book to any romance reader.

Highly Recommended! Excellent read!

I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

5/5 stars   Would they ever be able to bridge the gap?