The Good Daughter by Jane Porter

The Good Daughter

Reviewed by Desere 

Always doing the right thing is tough. Sometimes it is a situation of being cruel to be kind and other times it is more about just doing the right thing simply because you feel you have no other choice.

But we all know there is always a choice, it might not be the right one or the best one, but in the end there is still a choice, making it is hard but learning to live with it is even harder and not always something everyone can handle. Therefore it is always wise to look deep into your soul before taking the leap of faith, but if you are so blinded by helping others that you cannot find your soul the only leap you will be taking is into a deep dark place of loneliness.

In this read from Jane Porter she tells the story of Kit, a soon to be forty year old teacher that has always been there for everyone. Sorting out issues making life as easy as possible and along the way she becomes tired of it in the sense that she feels so overwhelmed she is ready to walk away from the normal protocol of life and go straight for the end goal, she wants to be a mother and a mother she shall be, but with every single guy she dates being a loser she reckons adoption is her option and right here is where her mind starts spinning into all kinds of directions and there is no way she will find her way out of the maze she has entered.

But before she can focus on any of the whirlwind directions a student in her class needs help and it seems she is the only one that cares enough to want to help, that is until she comes face to face with take-me-am-your's -Jude.

A bad boy with a good heart, yes ladies the perfect kind of hero ! He is also trying to help the poor student but he is also not the average kind of bad boy. Nope ladies this one is the kind that challenges and pushes any woman to reveal her true self to let go and push for the happiness she wants. He sees in her eyes the kind and nurturing person she is but knows that there is more and he forces her to release it.

The characters of Jude and Kit were both amazingly written. Always wanting to help others is a brilliant part of anyone's personality but knowing when to stop is sometimes the advise such a person cannot take and the advise of someone else is the only thing that will indeed open the path to happiness and understanding. The author brought this element to life through Kit and Jude so perfectly I found myself wanting to crawl into the minds of the characters and simply soak up the wisdom.

The author did a brilliant job at letting the psychical differences between Kit and Jude take a back seat and rather let their connection of both wanting to help others, come to life with such vivid descriptions and intensity it left me breathless and wanting the story to go on and on. In some reads I have found the authors focus more on the he is this and she is then the real emotional connection shining through, often leaving me with a case of " Okay so they are different but what about the ..... ". This author really pulled it all together very nicely.

This is a very emotional read, I cried, I laughed and I could not stop thinking how amazing it is that this author writes her characters with such realism that it is as if I am watching the entire read unfold in front of my eyes, the characters were so much more than just names,emotions and words on a page.

I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a romance with a powerful message of life, trust, guidance and self discovery. Jane Porter delivers on every page and simply does not disappoint.

5/5 star review
" He will love and protect her, all she needs to do is let him into her heart"