Last Groom Standing by Kimberly Lang

Last Groom Standing (The Wedding Season, #4)

Reviewed by Desere

Almost every girl was part of group of friends in high-school that after graduating still continued to visit each other, hang out, cause trouble and just generally be happy. Along the way of course each and every one of you either after a bad break up said you would never marry or that you hated men, but when the right one came along it was bye bye single life hello marital bliss!

In most cases everyone will rejoice and be happy, but what if you are the last one remaining single and with no sign of happy ever after on the horizon? Would you want to crawl into a whole and never surface again, or how about going for the wine and consuming as much as humanly possible or would you get out there and find the one? What ever you decide you need to remember that every event has a hidden meaning.

In the new Kimberly Lang read we meet Marnie, her perfect single girl group is now officially broken and she is left standing on the non-attached side of the dance-floor. Not one to simply take it lying down she decides she needs a plan, and part of her her plan is doing non other than kisses-sweeter-than-wine Dylan.

He is the perfect solution to letting go of the feelings she would rather not face up to, but once she has had him she finds letting him go is easier said than done. She falls for him hook line and sinker but Dylan is not ready to let go of his bachelor status and soon Marnie will need to let him go, will he come back or will she need to face up to a life of loneliness and never being able to love another?

The characters of Marnie and Dylan were both written to perfection! The author gave me a kick ass heroine and a to die for hero both written with such vivid and intense emotions I was thrilled with feelings of joy, sadness, passion, love, understanding and self discovery. Marnie and Dylan were so real it felt as if they would both jump out from the pages and start dancing their dance of happiness for all the world to see.

I loved that the author let Marnie be gusty when she needed to be but also back down when the moment calls for it, it showed her as a realistic character and not one of those very often found in romance reads that leaves you thinking " Yeah right, which woman would do that?".

Dylan was pure hero brilliance! He as the kind of hero you want to hate but you simply cannot not matter how hard you try. The author gave him flair and charm that made him ooze romance.

The backdrop settings were exquisitely incorporated by the author, it did not simply say romance and new beginnings but also said life is a dream all you need to do is reach for it. The dialogue was sweet, sensual, sassy and with a passion so hot it will leave you with more than just a burning desire to find your very own last groom standing.

I am taking away a message of  thinking you cannot have it all simply when you hit a low is never the answer. Go after what you need, even if you find it gets too much to handle, and don't sugar coat the truth stand up and say what you want to say, for you never know the objection of your affection might need to hear the truth to give them the push they need to open their hearts.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance, this read was sensual, romantic, passionate and completely amazing ! The author has once again proven that she is able to transport her readers to a world of romance filled with messages and meanings so deep and emotionally touching you will be on the edge of your seat waiting for the next read in order to once again be lost to the magic of her writing!

5/5 star review
" He can either send he to the altar or the nearest glass of wine" 

Last Groom Standing is title number four from the The Wedding Season quartet by authors Aimee Carson, Amy Andrews, Heidi Rice and Kimberly Lang