Making the first move by Reese Ryan

Making the First Move

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine finding the man of your dreams but then instead of him making the first move you do, only your move is not the standard romance your way into his life move, it is moving away to a complete different town! Talk about getting out of Dodge!

But would you feel as if life is not fair or would you try to find a way to make it work and somehow get the guy's attention? Or how about if the guy comes after you to show you he is ready to make any move you want him to, would you consider taking the plunge and tell yourself a long distance relationship can indeed work?

These are only some of the endless questions that Melanie has to face when she finally has the job of her dreams and the man of her dreams in her sight, only when she discovers the deep, dark secret her dream man stripping-you-naked-is-all-I-need Raine carries she needs him to prove that he is worth the risk , the only and most important question left is will he,or will she be left with a broken heart?

The main characters of both Melanie and Raine we very well written by the author. Melanie was a lot like some woman today very focused on her work and I adored that she pushes so hard to make her career a success, but I also felt that she was pushing a little too hard. As in real life today many woman tend to forget about that life has other elements to it, and keep going after the "my job is almost done just one more push and I will be there and able to relax" thus marriages end, relationships are destroyed beyond repair, parent child emotions are affected, the list goes on, but it made the character of Melanie very real to me and that I simply adored. I loved that the author used her work as a backdrop to not only take her back to her hometown and have a change at repairing her family ties but that she also used it as a buffer between Melanie and Raine, it showed that we can all do well in remembering that all work and no play indeed makes us very dull.

The character of Raine was simply delicious and the author gave him so many yummy layers it left me breathless. I adored that he was mysterious it kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to find out what he was hiding. He was the kind of hero that when you start the read and he makes his move you think "awh how sweet and so incredibly romantic" then as the read continues you start thinking " okay that is still sexy but what is he hiding and just how bad it is?"  I adored how the author peeled back his layers to reveal the real man but not by giving too much or too little of the mystery at a time rather letting it unfold in such a manner that you know you need to keep going the best is going to come any minute now!

I am taking away a message of life is not always all about work, if that is the only thing you focus on you will for sure end up alone and with only the memory that once you could have had it all. And most importantly never hold someone's past or current situations against them, rather let go and step up to the plate with the knowing of taking a risk once in a while could lead you to the kind of happiness you never imagined.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance with a different approach. The author has a fun and fresh writing style and intertwines the lives of her main and secondary character with vivid detail. The read does start off a little slow but do not let that discourage you from going on, trust me it gets better and the more the various elements start to take life and the more characters are introduced into the read the better it gets.

A sweet,sensual and emotional read!
4.5 star review
" He opens up her eyes to love but will she risk her heart for it?"

Copy supplied by the author in exchange for a honest review