Stay With Me by Elyssa Patrick

Stay With Me (With Me #1)

Reviewed by Desere 

There are so many young woman of today that have hit the big road to stardom and fame before they were even old enough to wear so much as a lick of lipstick and it is never a surprise when they disappear from the public eye.

But it is never as easy done as said and when you have a lack of confidence, yes you read that right, a celebrity with a lack of confidence would you be able to let anyone in on your world or lack there of?

In the new New Adult read from the super brilliant Elyssa Patrick she tells the story of Hailey.

Famous but no longer wanting to be and rather wanting a much simpler life she packs her bags and takes off for college. Once there she meets the guy of her dreams I-can-turn-you-into-a-puddle-with-one-look Caleb.

He is different from the other people in her life and makes her feel special, challenged and breaks through her every defence. Only she is hiding a secret, one that the press never managed to uncover and it can destroy their new found happiness faster than the overnight rise to fame of any superstar.

The characters of both Caleb and Hailey were brilliantly written in vivid detail by the author. I loved that Hailey is so determined to find her own way away from the life she once knew but also that she is insecure in holding on to a piece of her former life. Her not being able to fully escape her fame made her a 'feel so sorry for' character, my heart was breaking for her as I think when famous and just wanting a few minutes of being normal must me the worst feeling if you know you simply cannot ever be normal.

I loved how the author let me into Hailey's mind, taking me behind the scenes of a celebrity showing and reminding me that even they are human and crave something that no amount of fame or money can buy.

I adored how the author let Caleb break down each one of Hailey's barriers around her heart, it truly showed that when you want someone nothing can scare you away. Love, passion and understanding is a far greater force than anything else.

Not to mention that Caleb was deliciously hot and so the kind of hero you want in any read. Always doing the right thing and saying the right words, made him yes not very realistic as we know most guys would never, but this made him the dream hero material and the reason many read romance books!  I could not stop reading and rooting for him with every push he gives Hailey, his determination was simply stunning!

I am taking away a message of we all have dreams even if it seems to the world outside that we have achieved them all, and when hitting the point of wanting to leave it behind in order to have a different life go for it ! You might not make it to where you want to be or need to be in a heartbeat but along the way you are bound to discover so much more about yourself and others than you ever thought possible, you might even discover a level of confidence you never knew you had.

I highly recommend this read for any romance lover!  With the author's brilliant approach to writing vivid characters and touching base with the true emotions of the characters, getting right in there and laying out the facts you will find you need more. A sweet, sensual sexy read with a awesome little twist.

5/5 star review
" To get her to stay he will need to get her to let go"