Bedded by Her Bodyguard by Krisi Avalon

 Bedded by Her Bodyguard (Billionaire Bodyguard, #2.5)

Reviewed by Desere 

We all know that sometimes we have to offer up long hours for our work in order to achieve success. We put in the long hours, we go beyond the extra mile all in the hope that eventually it will pay off.

When it is for our own business we know it will be worth it but when you are simply part of a team and not the boss there is always the doubt that you might be doing it all for nothing, yet we continue to push.

In this new Kristi Avalon read this is the situation that Mindy faces, she is on her way to Russia to try and clinch the deal of a lifetime and knows her boss will have her job on a silver platter if she fails. Along for the ride is her sex on legs co-worker Isaac.

Mindy has always wanted the man wrapped around her but he has never looked at her and she knows he is way out her her league, so she quietly worships him from a far. That is until they reach Russia and she finds herself pressed up against the solid muscle that is Isaac and him whispering the words "I want you".  This is her chance to have the man she wants but does she have it in her to let the deal of a lifetime fail simply to have the man of her dreams in her bed?

The character of Mindy was a bit nutty, with her own ideas of how star-signs effect her every single waking minute and with her mother's little sayings bouncing around in her head every-time something noteworthy happens.  But she was also gutsy and determined to do her job no matter how many obstacles her star signs align in her path. I loved that the author took Mindy from determined worker to true heroine, letting go and experiencing the need to be and feel like a woman when she is given the chance. It showed that sometimes we need to step back and see what has been in front of us instead of only seeing the goals we set for ourselves.

The character of Isaac was really awesome! I loved, loved, loved this hero so much. He was kind, caring, compassionate, sweet, sexy and oh so very male it made heart beat faster and the butterflies in my stomach take flight! It happens every so often that bodyguards do pop up during conversations and from what I have heard most people think they are all muscle and no brains, but through Isaac the author showed that behind the muscle there is a man with feelings, hopes and dreams, they are human and protection is not always all they strive for.

The backdrop settings were exquisitely described by the author, I could touch the art work being described and feel the cold Russian air touching my skin. The dialogue was classic Kristi Avalon, passionate, emotional and heart stoppingly sexy! The author let me experience the fear and passion of both characters through her words and I felt so much apart of the characters lives it left me breathless, simply remarkable work Kristi!

I am taking away a message of when we think we are exactly where we are meant to be doing what we have strived for and all does not go according to plan it is life's way of telling us what we have been missing. We need to simply allow ourselves to stop and feel instead of pushing for a better tomorrow. Seize the moment and in the end you will see you have achieved so much more than what you thought you wanted.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance with action, blazing passion and a hero that will give his last dying breath to have the woman of his dreams in his arms.

5/5 star review
"Professionalism, protection or giving into passion? "