Marry Me Cowboy by Lilian Darcy

Marry Me, Cowboy

Reviewed by Desere 

The story has been portrayed in films the world over and has popped up in many books, marriage of convenience !

But in real life when you marry someone either for money, business or to obtain a green-card it does not always turn out to be love found and happy ever after.

But lucky for us romance readers it is the case in books! In this short read from author Lilian Darcy she tells of Tegan, she has been living in the US and living the dream, she is so not ready to go back home to Australia, her brilliant solution to her little dilemma is to marry Chet.

But at the last minute Chet backs out of the deal and she is left holding the bouquet so to speak. She however finds her luck is in when Chet's friend Jamie steps up to the plate and take his place.

He has no interest in marriage to a woman he has no feelings for but a man has to do what a man has to do to help a lady in distress. It is only when he get's up close and personal with Tegan that his world starts spinning out of control faster than you can say ready, set, GO!

The author did a fantastic job at packing in loads of emotion and passion in this little read. The characters were well developed and I felt connected to each one, loved the different little quirks of each one, it made the read very real as it reminded me that we all have secrets and we all have different goals and when having to face them head on it all comes down to what truly lies in our hearts.

It was fun, sexy and had my attention from page one, I loved the moments of conflict. This is the second read in The Copper Mountain Rodeo series by various authors and just like the first one it was very short but it did pack a punch. It did not feel dragged out to get the big moment but then again being a short read I did not expect it to, however in some short reads the authors do not always manage to give it all in a few chapters and I have often been left feeling empty and thinking the read is a waste of time.

But author Lilian Darcy gave me as reader everything I wanted and did so masterfully! I highly recommend this read for all fans of cowboy romance reads, short and fun and the perfect little afternoon escape into a world of boot scooting romance!

5/5 star review
" Grab your boots it's time to drag a cowboy to the altar" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Marry Me, Cowboy
Born and raised in Australia, champion barrel racer Tegan Ash wanted to travel the world on the rodeo circuit before tying herself to the family ranch. But shortly after arriving in the United States, her Father and Stepmother sold her dream home. Now she feels there is no reason to return to her native Australia. But with her Visa about to run out in six weeks, she will have to leave or get married.

Jamie MacCreadie left behind the family ranch to seek his thrills on the rodeo circuit also. He lives for the excitement of riding and roping and just maybe winning a few championships along the way. For almost two years he and Tegan have been bickering with each other. A great friend to his good buddy Chet, he worries about Chet’s heavy drinking..   

Fellow rodeo friend Chet Wyndham has offered to marry Tegan. But when the day finally arrives he can’t follow through. Not because he doesn’t think the world of his good friend. He has been carrying around a big secret and instead of confiding in his family and friends; he has been drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

Jamie MacCreadie butts heads with Tegan Ash on a daily basis. So no one is more surprised than Tegan when Jamie offers to marry her. I thought for such a short novel the author was still able to give a full story here. The relationship was believable, and the passion was really good.  I also thought the author did a good job of showing two people who fought so much really were more alike than they first thought. I also enjoyed the how both families were brought into the story.

I recommend this book to lovers of romance with a western theme.

Favorite lines:

“Shoot, you really are romantic.”
“I can be. You wait.”
“Till when?”
“Till next time.”
“You better be a little bit romantic this time, Jamie MacCreadie, or there might not be a next.”
“You going to just keep talking?”
“That’s right, you don’t like that, do you?”
“Neither do you, didn’t you just decide?” He pulled on her hips and brought the two of them together again, groin to groin, junk to junk. Did girls have junk?

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.
Reviewed by Nas

MARRY ME, COWBOY? By author Lilian Darcy is a Montana Rodeo series release by Tule Publishing for October 2013.

Australian Tegan Ash is on a trip to US, so she can get the travel itch out of the way before she settled down at her family’s farm. Without asking her, the farm was sold by her family.

Being out on the rodeo circuit, she decides to settle on in US. But who would marry her for the green card? She manages to get a friend agree, but he pulls out at the last minute. She blames Jamie MacCreadie, because he has always been a bad influence.

What she doesn’t realize is the reason she is antagonized by Jamie is because she is attracted to him. Then they are thrown together and sparks fly.

But it’s nearly time for her to go back to Australia, would she just leave Jamie and go now? Would Jamie stop her from going?

MARRY ME, COWBOY is a well-written romance. It showcases the rodeo circuit and I loved it. I was hooked from the first page and finished reading till late at night.

Highly recommended for lovers of romance.

Reviewed by Shirley

 People will marry without love for a variety of reasons. Wealth, power, land, prestige, honor or pregnancy are just a few of them, but Tegan Ash didn't want to marry for any of those reasons. She just needed a green card to pursue her dream. Now that Chet won't help her, was six weeks long enough to find another willing man to marry her, or was she destined to return to Australia, her dreams unfulfilled? Honestly, Tegan no longer knew.

Coming to America eighteen months before under a sponsorship, marriage was the last thing on her mind. She wanted to follow the rodeo circuit, competing in barrel racing, before finally settling down to run her parents' farm. Now, she has lost her sponsorship to younger, better riders, according to her sponsor, the family farm has been sold from under her, and her proposed fiance has jilted her at the altar. And the largest crowning glory to her troubles, Chet's sarcastic, insensitive, bad influencing but handsome best friend has just jokingly offered to marry her. She couldn't do that...could she? They didn't even like each other. Or was their animosity a cover for a different kind of awareness?

Wanting to follow the rodeo for a few years to sow his wandering urges, Jamie MacCreadie and Chet had a partnered up for the circuit. Jamie always had plans to return to the farm, but until then, he sent most of his winnings home to help with the farm's improvements. He had tried to make his family understand his position, but their relationship was still strained. Now he had created a new problem. Jokingly, he had offered to take Chet's place with the abrupt, flashy, hard-edged Tegan. What had made him offer? After all, they didn't even like each other... or did they? Was that enmity between them just a smoke screen for a much more basic form of awareness?

I found this a fun, easy read. The writing, dialogue, and descriptions flowed smoothly to make for an enjoyable story. I would recommend this to all romance readers.

I received a copy from the author for an honest review.

5/5 stars   Would she stay or would she go???