The Wilde Sisters: Jaimie Fire & Ice by Sandra Marton

Reviewed by Desere 

Being logic in life has it bonus points, but as we all know there comes a time when we need to act on our instincts and just go with the flow, however going with the flow does not always leave us with the desired effect of getting what we want. So, many of us go back to logic thinking and forget about any crazy notions we had.

In the new read from Sandra Marton this is the exact approach Jaimie Wilde takes when she throws logic away and ends up having the most incredible sex of her life in the arms of I'll-make-you-feel-so-good-you will-be-desperate-for-my-touch  Zach Castelianos .

When morning comes logic returns and she cannot get out of there quick enough, leaving Zach behind and taking only the memories with her.

Only she does not return to life as she knows it, a stalker is out to get her but she makes no big deal of it, that is until Zach ends up on her doorstep ready to protect her at all costs, he keeps her safe in his arms but when she finds out the truth he has been hiding there is only one thing left to do, run as fast as she can away from impulse and back to logic.

The character of Jaimie was well written and left me with a sense of wonder as just how logic some of us try to be in life. We plan everything down to a T even to what we wear every minute of the day, make sure that it all adds up and never do we stop to try and think that maybe something better will come if we let our hair down and just seek a thrill once in awhile.

Yes not everyone is like that and there are some really easy going people in life but even they do get moments when logic rears it's head and going with the flow simply is not possible. But through the character of Jaimie the author really let the message of "back down every once in a while" shine through brilliantly and I simply adored how the author let Jaimie indeed let her hair down and find her wild side.

The character of Zach was the best kind of hero any romance reader can ask for. Strong, silent, confident, protective and so darn gorgeous the mere mention of his name will leave you hotter than the blazing sun of Texas!

I could not get enough of this man and the way he goes all out to protect Jaimie but at the same time wrestles an endless battle with himself, does he tell he the truth or rather hold onto her for a little longer? The inner conflict was terrific and kept me on the edge of my seat!

The backdrop settings were fun, exciting, passionate and very well crafted by the author, it truly felt as if I could see the dark and stormy night, feel the rain and touch the heat of the islands. The dialogue was strong, emotional, passionate, heart-stopping and sexy!

Yes Zach more than once utters a swear word, but working with military men and woman I am aware that when adrenalin hits words are forgotten and the focus is all on swift action and even outside the danger zone it sticks and becomes a part of the person's personality,  and therefore I will not fault the author instead I will say well done Sandra you nailed Zach's character perfectly!

I am taking away a message of every once in a while life will bring you to a point where going with your gut feeling is more important than trying to add up the numbers of what is right and what is wrong, you need to sometimes throw caution the wind and see where the wind blows you, you never know maybe it takes you straight into the arms of your very own hero, who will release the side of you, you never knew existed. Be daring and risk a little fun every now and then.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of hot romance reads! It was full of blazing passion, amazing emotions of self discovery and just so darn sexy it will awaken the adventurous side in you. A sensual,
mind-blowingly sexy read!

5/5 star review
" Fire meets ice and all logic melts away" 

Reviewed by Maria

Stalking is an extremely difficult problem to understand.  Many stalkers think that they are in love with the woman they terrorise.  Seemingly kind, caring and innocuous, they try to psychologically batter the woman of their choice into submission, into accepting them as lover.  But stalking can have dangerous and horrific results, which can even lead to the death of the victime in extreme circumstances. The trouble is, by the time the menace of the stalker is recognized, it's often too late to do anything about it - victim may be dead by that time.

JAIMIE - FIRE AND ICE by Sandra Marton is an extremely important work for that reason.  Jaimie is being stalked by a dangerous bully and no one is taking her seriously.  But one person does - her brother Caleb.  Caleb asks one of his best friends, Zach, to shadow his sister.  The twist in the tale and what he doesn't know, however, is that Zach and Jaimie had a one night stand about a month earlier - a night which neither of them will ever forget but were unable to follow up on, for various reasons.

So will Zach nail Jaimie's stalker?  And when he does, will she understand that he didn't just do it because he is her brother's friend, but because he really cares about her?  And will she believe him?  So many questions to be answered, solved only by reading this suspenseful piece of work.

It's a very thrilling read, which takes you into the jet set life, the world of penthouses, private jets and fast living.  But for those who like it 'hot', it's also very, very hot.  Sizzling, in fact.  But as an attack on stalkers, it is a most rewarding read.