Never Gamble With A Caffarelli by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Desere

Perfect physical image at all times with a little bit of a "yes I am sinful" attitude is what bikini model Angelique strives for in life, it allows her to focus on staying in control of her life and most importantly to never let a man take that control away from her.

However she has no control over her father and his actions that causes her beloved inheritance home to land in the hands of sex on legs partyboy Remy Caffarelli. To gain back control she goes after him only at the end of her get-my-property-back expedition she finds herself trapped in a marriage there is no easy way out of, and worst of all Remy holds all the control, or so it seems, the man is afterall only human and he does get a little hot under the collar when she is near.

Angelique reckons she can use the sexual attraction to her advantage and gain back her home and the control, only when she gets close to her goal or rather Remy her plan falls to pieces. She wants him and she wants all of him all of the time, but Remy is a gambler and he never ever loses a challenge, he wants her just as bad but only for a short time and he will achieve his goal. With both going in for the kill who will be the real loser at the end of the battle?

The character of Angelique was typical model type with watching her weight and always having the correct attitude to creating a stir, but at the same time the author also showed her to be a real person that has feelings, goals and in depth understanding of turmoil. I think a lot of us look at models and think of them as airheads and completely only focused on their looks and the attention it can bring them, we never really stop to think of them as human and having feelings and that deep down inside they might be fighting their own battles. I loved that the author let me have this rare glimpse into the life of a model but more that she let Angelique become the real her in the presence of love, it clearly showed that when with the one you love the best in you comes out.

The character of Remy was just plain awesome!! I loved that he had the arrogance and I always get what I want attitude and then only to find when he gets what and who he wants in his bed he does not really know what to do with it. For me this showed him as very, very real, so many of us gamble on many things in life but when we finally have it we are not satisfied with it, we know we wanted it and we have it but somehow it does not feel complete, like we are missing a piece of it, and it takes a lot to make us realise that the missing piece is letting go of the control to own the winnings in every sense of the word, we to need rather go with the flow in order to see the winnings for what they are, empty without the full package. The author let this message shine through in the character of Remy beautifully.

The backdrop settings were sensual, sexy and painted by the author with brilliant vivid colour and brought to live with stunning clarity. The dialogue was so much awesomeness it had me on the edge of my seat! The words of conflict were so powerful and so much fun to read it was as if the characters were right in front of me and ready to leap of the pages and let me in on the action! Remy and Angelique squaring of with each other in a battle for control was truly superb! I adored the sexual tension mix into the read, it ramped up the pages with delicious "oh no you didn't" moments and I could not get enough, I was entranced and fascinated and rooting for these two all the way!

I am taking away a message of we all need some level of control in life, we however cannot control it all. Somewhere along the line we need to stop, take stock and find what the meaning behind life and our level of control we seek really means, in the end we might have what we wanted but our efforts to control how we obtained it or how we handle it once we have it might cause us to lose much more than we bargained for, and control will be lost forever for we will be nothing but empty and cold, seeking for a piece of something we simply cannot find.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance with lots and lots of sexy, blazing red hot passion, delicious tension, absolute exquisite romance and characters so real they will remain with you for a lifetime! And best of all a beautiful message of taking a gamble on love leads to a lifetime of happiness and dreams coming true.

This is book three in the Scandalous Caffarreli Series and without a doubt Remy is my favourite brother and I look forward to many more reads like this one from the author!

5/5 star review
"Never bet on not losing control, sometimes it's all you will need to find what you have been seeking" 


Reviewed by Nas

NEVER GAMBLE WITH A CAFFARELLI by USA Today Bestselling Author Melanie Milburne is Harlequin Presents release for November 2013. Book 3 of the mini series The Caffarelli Trilogy—Those Scandalous Caffarellis by Melanie Milburne.

Remy Caffarelli finally took revenge on his family’s business enemy and won his Scottish castle in a game of cards.

But Angelique Marchand, daughter of the enemy would not take this quietly. She would not let her mother’s ancestral home go to the enemy. So she hatches a plan to get it back. But caught in Remy’s hotel room in a conservative country, she is forced to marry Remy in order to escape that country’s traditionalist law. With the idea that the marriage would be annulled as soon as they get home.

But Remy is not ready to let her go yet. And then Angelique is also reaping the benefits of being married to Remy. They have a passionate fling. And she discovers that though she had lost her heart to him in her teens, she loves him now. Then Remy is ready to free her. Would she take this opportunity to walk away from her love?

NEVER GAMBLE WITH A CAFFARELLI is a humorous story shimmering with breathtaking romance, spectacular emotional punch, a believable conflict with vivid atmospheric details. Melanie Milburne brings to life these sterling characters that leap off the pages and create a sparkling and passionate romance.

Highly recommended for all lovers of passionate romance.


Review by TashNz     *5 shiney Stars*
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Never Gamble with a Caffarelli is the final story in the three book mini Series Those Scandalous Caffarellis by the amazing Melanie Milburne.

Remy is the consummate playboy and lives life to the full.  He laughs in the face of the rest of the world; he’s the “cheeky one” of the three brothers and the youngest.  He’s not interested in the slightest in marrying and settling down like Rafe and Raoul have.  He couldn’t think of anything worse. He’s happy with his jet set life, living out of a suitcase, not knowing where he’ll be from one week to the next.  He’s ruthless to the hilt and loves a good gamble.

The Caffarelli’s do have some business enemies and at the top of the list is Henri Marchand.  When the opportunity presents itself Remy smugly gambles and wins the ownership papers of Tarrantloch, Henri’s wife’s ancesteral home.  His daughter Angelique is livid!  Angelique can’t believe the super stupidness of her father’s actions, and she can’t believe Remy is the new owner of her home.  Without thinking she impulsively races off to the Middle East to have a showdown with Remy, anything to get her home back. 

Except things turn to custard when she is caught in Remy’s room.  The nation they are in strictly forbids socializing of any kind between un-chaperoned couples.    There’s basically a choice between prisons, marriage or possibly death… of course both Remy and Angelique do wonder if death would be better than a quick marriage.

Angelique is passionate about her mothers home and convinces herself it’s the drive of getting it back that has her chasing after Remy, NOT her memories of him when they were younger.  Her public persona and fame as a model has been tarnished by the exploitation of the media and while she puts on  brave face Remy can tell something is amiss, nothing adds up and he starts to chip away at her walls.

I love the character of Remy.  I cant really pick a certain part, just everything about him.

I read Never Gamble with a Caffarelli in one sitting, strongly fighting to keep my tired eyes open because I couldn’t bare not to know what happened next.  I loved the spark between Remy and Angelique.  They really were the perfect couple.  They both need someone interesting and quick witted to keep them on their toes.  Their chemistry was thru the roof and being (almost) enemies provided them with plenty of spark and passion and challenging opportunities .  While Remy on the outside came across as a ruthless, couldn’t care less kind of guy he actually really does care and it shone thru by his actions with Angelique.  While they saw their fake marriage as a means to an end it was really just the beginning of what I am sure would be a fun, fantastically passionate and fulfilled happy ever after.

I’m a huge fan of cross referencing characters and so it was fab to catch up with Crown Prince Talib from The Sheikh's Baby Bombshell (Royal Baby Collection) eBook: Melanie...

I absolutely loved the final story, I’ll miss the Caffarelli brothers.  I thought it was a great mini series and I will most definitely be reading them again.

Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

A gamble. A lost inheritance. Antiquated laws. Suddenly a gamble on both of their parts is resulting in the one thing neither of them want: marriage. What started as revenge on Remy's part has now assumed catastrophic portions and what started as Angelique's goal to retrieve her inheritance has produced an unholy union. Could they find their way out of this mess of their own making? Or was the path littered with pitfalls neither of them see? Was divorce or happily ever after at the end of their road?

The only child of Henri Marchand, Angelique has forged her own path in the modeling world. Using her gorgeous looks and a devastatingly desirable body to grace the creations of the haute couture, she has waited patiently for her twenty fifth birthday. Then she will inherit her beloved mother's ancestral home to be used as a bolthole,a sanctuary, and a place she could create her own designs. Now through her father's excessive gambling he has lost the only thing she truly cared about to that horrid man, Remy Caffarelli. Never one to let a problem go unsolved, she flies to the country of Dharbiri to confront him. Only a bad situation just got worse. Now she is married, but she will not go down without a fight. No one takes away her control over her life....NO ONE! But is she destined to lose this match or will the rewards make the control not so important anymore?

Gambling is a way of life to the gorgeous, sexy Remy Caffarelli, the youngest of three brothers. He had set the pieces in place and like a great chess game played by a master, won the coveted prize from Henri Marchand. Above all things, control of the game is what he lives for. Goal...Focus...Win.. are always the starting blocks, but Remy controls the outcome always. That is, until a sexy, heat-your-blood-to-boiling-point-with-one-look model with grey-blue eyes brings down his carefully manufactured world. Now he needs to gamble for his life. Only no one takes over control...NO ONE! Could he win in this battle of wills or would he gladly turn over the reins before the game is done?

This is an absolutely delightful, sexy, hot book about the power between men and women trying to control. When they finally realize there are no winners in this game of pull and tug, only losers, only the underlying desire and love will remain. But what a fabulous ride! The dialogue makes you wants to cheer, referee, shout, offer your opinion, and generally shake them both to wake up and see what is right in front of them. Vivid descriptions of the scenery and actions pull you in from the first page to the last. I read this so quickly I was a little disappointed it was finally at an end. Although this was the last book in the series Those Scandalous Caffarelli, I certainly hope that Melanie Milburne will write another trilogy that will touch upon the Caffarelli brothers and their families once in a while.

Well done. Very well developed characters involved in a well thought out and intricate plot. Excellent.

I would recommend to all romance readers who want a sexy, hot romance to curl up in bed with on a cold night under the covers.

5/5 stars Would they be willing to gamble on love also?