Sugarwater Ranch (Salt Creek Cowboys) by Stephanie Berget

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Sugarwater RanchThe story of Sugarwater Ranch by Stephanie Berget is one of growing up. It is about learning to change for the better, when the one person you cannot live without shows up at your greatest time of need.

Sean O’Connell loves the thrill of an eight second ride on a bucking bull. But after years of the rodeo life and drinking his winning’s away he has nothing to show for himself but a rundown truck and he is so poor he can’t afford to travel south for the rodeo circuit. He hires on at the Quarter Circle-A Ranch for the free room and board and the little extra to get him through the winter. After waking up naked in a strange place he is forced to grow up and fast. The character of Sean had to take a few hard knocks to shake his marbles in the right place. For me at the beginning I struggled with the character but the author does a fantastic job of bringing him around to someone you end up really liking by the end of the book.

Catherine Silvera might have thought of Sean as a hero when she was younger, but looking at the drunken man before her, all she can see now is a reminder of her late father. Someone she wants no part of. The character of Catherine was loyal, strong, and independent and I just adored her character.

Stephanie did a great job describing the location of the story in Oregon. And I felt like I could envision the Sugarwater bar and the Quarter Circle-A Ranch where Sean worked. She has great secondary characters in Uncle Ray; I especially loved Cousin Raymond “junior”. Sister Frannie and her husband Rob and little Rosie. Stephanie also did a wonderful job of writing two characters I could not for the life of me like. Elmer for reasons you will learn about and Billy whom it seemed was never going to get his life together.

I recommend this book to all romance readers especially those who love a cowboy theme.

Favorite quote from the book:

“Do I get my clothes back, or are you planning to keep me as your personal sex toy?”

4.5/5 stars

I received a copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review.