The Songbird & The Soldier by Wendy Lou Jones

The Songbird and the Soldier

Reviewed by Desere

Many woman have fallen in love with men who go off to war, some return but some don't at all, others return but are never the same either physically, psychologically or both. Which ever the case may be when these men do go to war it is not always guaranteed that the woman back home will wait for them.

She might seek comfort in the arms of another because she is lonely or in need of some affection and so many love triangles start. The questions of course is always the same which one will she chose if faced with the chance to have either one?

It is of course never easy , loving both and having to pick which one you would rather be with could always blow up in your face, if you chose the wrong one you can never go back to the other, no man simply takes you back because you chose another in his place , a broken heart never fully heals.

In this read from author Wendy Lou Jones this is the situation that always too sweet and so easily convinced Samantha gets involved in. She meets always-charm-their-pants-off Dean and he sweeps her off her feet and away from always-the-good-guy Andy.

Andy and Dean are both deployed to Afghanistan and like any other woman Samantha writes to her new found sweetheart Dean , but Dean never replies as he has far too many other hotter woman to entertain his thoughts, in a twist of fate Samantha's letter lands in Andy's hands and so starts a beautiful relationship, and upon Andy's R&R they fall for each other, life is bliss that is until Dean discovers the relationship and informs Samantha she is his everything, who will Samantha chose and who is lying about what?

The character of Samantha was great in the start however her being a bit of a pushover was irritating but with the charms of soldiers I could understand why she is like any other woman, let's face it no single woman in her right mind will turn down a hot soldier ! I did like that the author let Samantha blossom as a person as the read continued , it showed that as in real life people get trampled over but when we find the courage needed to stand up for ourselves we are indeed a unstoppable force.

The character of Andy was all kinds of real life hero sweet! Simply adored the man even when he was acting bad he was still good! I adored how the author let him bring out the best in Samantha and in his men when in command, that he has so much restraint when the timing calls for it also showed him as a soldier should be, in control and always ready to fight back.  He was a really, realistic character for me as reader and I was rooting for him from start to finish.

The author's backdrop settings were descriptive enough to allow me to picture the surroundings and scenes of war being played out, I could sense the fear and smell the desert heat. I liked the dialogue, it felt very real, as most of the wording is what I felt would truly be spoken in all situations that arise in the book.

I am taking away a message of all is fair in love and war but when love comes around and suddenly it is destroyed with doubts and lies , stop and think before you let go, dig as deep as you need to, find the real truth before walking away from the one person that is your everything, you never know they might never come back to you again.

I highly recommend this read for lovers of war related romances, it tells the story of love found and lost all through the trials of war. If however you do not feel like crying so hard that you simply cannot stop this read is not for you, it was a emotional roller-coaster of a read that had me smiling at one stage and crying the next, yes the people around me thought I had lost my best friend, the tears flowed that freely, this of course is the only sign you need to tell you that this book is one of the best! Excellent work Wendy!

5/5 star review

" She's his song through the battle of war"