Hot Mess by Lynn Raye Harris

Reviewed by Desere

Hot Mess (Hostile Operations Team #1.5)There is no person on earth that ever thinks they are good enough for everyone, you're good enough for someone but not always just anyone. It is either due to your past or lack thereof or even your future and a possible unpredictable life you lead.

For H.O.T member Sam "Knight Rider" McKnight this is the situation he finds himself trapped in for years, he has always wanted his best friend's sister Georgie in his arms, but he knows she deserves diamonds, silk and champagne things he can never give her, so he stays away and avoids her at all costs for years.

But when her life is in danger and he finds himself as her protector he has no choice but to get up close and try to stay non personal.

But Georgie has other plans, she has always wanted him and this time she will get him, only after blazing hot nights of sex and endless orgasms the man takes off yet again, without saying goodbye and no way to make contact and all she is left with are the words of warning he gave that he might never return.

The character of Georgie was really awesome. A strong , determined go out there and live my life and always go after what I want kind of heroine. I liked that the author ruffles her up a bit by letting her hit the point on knowing her life is in danger and just maybe she should back off every now and then. It showed that it is not always the best decision to go after every single little bit of information we want, sometimes it is best to leave well enough alone.

I totally loved how the author let Georgie prove Sam wrong by showing him she might look like the silk and diamonds good girl but when she is bad she can be real bad, just want he needs, not every woman has that level of guts to take on a guy that has been rejecting her for years.

The character of Sam was simply amazing hot perfection! Yes ladies the super sexy muscles and delicious tattoos helps a lot, but what made him more perfect is that he is a realistic hero, the author did not sugar coat his image with layers of this and that kind of heroic action trick, she kept him as real as the men of the army world come. Always alert, always prepared, always informed and never cracking under pressure unless it is the non panty wearing kind beckoning him to bed,  your typical real life hero.

The backdrop was mostly set in a isolated area, this to me mirrored the feelings of Sam and his trouble with trying to stay isolated against Georgie, the author incorporated storms and peaceful bliss scenes that mirrored the life of Georgie everything always seeming to be perfect but in actual fact she is fighting a life of turmoil.

The dialogue was super spicy and very, very sexy. Words of hot sex and mindless orgasms were mixed with emotions so powerful and so touching it truly felt as if I could feel every word being spoken and touch every action being played out.

The ending of this read did feel a little unfinished but in my opinion this was the author's way of letting me as reader know that just as Sam's life is unpredictable and he can take off at any given moment so is the life of this couple, they are happy in each other's arms but it is just for now and for now that is all they need, life with a kick ass hero is an adventure that go any route , all you need to do is hang on for the ride.

Am taking away a message of when we believe enough in someone we need to show them that they are worth it for they do not see what we see. Standing on the outside has it's advantages we simply need to know when to bring them into action.

I highly recommend this read for every lover of romance with spice! The author created the perfect escape read for any reader looking for a little action and adventure with loads of super spicy romance.

5/5 star review
"She is his weakness, he is her addiction" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Hot Mess (Hostile Operations Team #1.5)I first fell in love with Lynn Raye Harris’s writing style when I read Behind The Palace walls. As an author she is able to take the reader on a magical trip in our minds.  Be it to foreign countries or right here in the United States, I always feel as if I am taking this journey with her.

English Professor Dr. Georgeanne “Georgie or G” Hayes fell in love with Sam “Knight Rider” McKnight when she was thirteen. But for Sam, Georgie was always off limits. Best friends with Georgie’s brother Rick, there are lines you just don’t cross no matter how bad you want someone.

At the age of eighteen Georgie came close to fulfilling her dreams of being with Sam. Now that they are staying in a safe house Georgie is determined to have what she has always wanted, the chance to be with Sam. The character of Georgie was brilliant, funny, sexy and yes I will say it again determined.

The character of Sam was so very drool worthy. Working for a military unit titled H.O.T. short for Hostile Operations Team. He thinks he is not good enough for Georgie. That she deserves better than he can give her. He is a devoted military man, loyal friend and one very H.O.T. “in more ways than one” man. From his tattoo’s to this muscle bound sexy body. And he will keep Georgie safe no matter what.

The passion between these two was off the charts, even if it took over twelve years to get there. I love the way that Lynn wrote both of her main characters. I found myself liking both of them. Georgie for her brilliance and going after what she wanted. And Sam for his loyalty to the country he serves.

I highly recommend this series to readers who love romance and with a military theme. The first book in the series was titled Hot Pursuit.

Favorite line from the book:
Seriously, who needs a man when you have this? It’s an orgasm on a plate.

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from the NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Review by TashNz

Georgie hasnt seen her brothers best friend, Sam, for six years - or on her wedding day to be exact.  Georgie was madly in love with Sam since she was 13 and basically tried to jump his bones at 18.  At the last second Sam pushed her away and the feeling of pain the rejection bought is one that Georgie has never really forgotten.  Now newly divorced Georgies brother Rick, begs Sam to check up on Georgie, make sure she's ok.

Georgie is far from ok, little does she know, one of her military students was into something which wound him up dead and Georgie almost pushed into an oncoming train. When Sam's sending Georgie off to a safe place he's summonsed in by his CO, they need Georgie bought in, she's now part of a new mission.

Georgie and Sam's relationship really tugged at my heart strings. Sam tries to be an ass to ward Georgie off.  All Georgie wants is to get Sam out of her system and she see's only one way of doing that.  Sam resists as best he can but hell, even Staff Sargeant Sam finds resistance futile and I'll never think of thunder and lightening storms the same way again.

Under Sam's protection he and Georgie explore each other and the last thing Sam wants is to put Georgie in danger but that's what they have to do in order to lure the bad guys out. When Sam litterally flies out of Georgie's life my heart broke.

Less out in the field action than there was in Hot Pursuit but as a novella, there's only so much action one can fit in and most of the action was bedroom action.

LOVED the characters and cant wait to read more!