The Cowboy's Christmas Baby by Carolyn Brown - Cowboys&Brides 2

 The Cowboy's Christmas Baby

Reviewed by Desere

Cyber-dating has always been dangerous, you never really know who you're speaking to on the other side. It can cause a endless amount of trouble for both parties involved. In the new Carolyn Brown read this however is what Natalie and Lucas get themselves involved in for almost a year before meeting face to face, or in this case face to pistol and screaming baby.

Yes you read that right, screaming baby and pistol! Lucas has just come home from Kuwait and all he wants is to get rid of the desert sand and find Natalie, the woman of his cyber dreams and he is dead set on making sure their first meeting is nothing but perfect.

But he comes home to find Natalie already there, with a dead coyote at her feet and a baby in her arms. Not romantic at all and certainly not what he expected, and understandably he explodes and feels that she lied to him on purpose.

This is of course not the case at all and Natalie tries to explain but with Lucas furious beyond reason she gives up and walks away ready to leave the ranch immediately, only fate and Lucas's housekeeper has other plans for these two and by the time Christmas day arrives they won't be able to live without each other.

The character of Natalie was a real hell-cat, spitting fire and just totally awesome! I adored her standing strong through her mistakes and sticking to her guns no matter how hard life knocks her down, as any single mother would know dealing with the raising of a child alone is never easy and nor is it easy to find love again and acceptance for you both.

Natalie does not let this little bump in the road stop her nor does she let Lucas's bad-ass attitude stop her from standing her ground, totally adored her knocking him back ten times harder then what he dishes out, had me laughing ever time the man got roped in.

The character of Lucas was the one that stole my heart in this read, coming home after war and losing your best friend in battle with the dream of having the woman of your dreams in your arms and then finding her already a mother and with a whole lot of baggage is not the homecoming any man wants, and yes understandably he looses his cool , but the author also let's his true personality come through as the read developed I found him to be a true gentlemen and always staying true to his feelings. He digs deep inside his soul and finds that family comes in all shapes and forms, you just need to embrace it.

The backdrop settings and dialogue were so delightful and full of spirit that I  felt the emotions of each character, saw the landscape and could touch the chemistry, truly amazing stuff Carolyn, you stole my breath away.

Am taking away a message of life sometimes brings us to where we want to be but not in the conventional way, it takes us on twists and turns and along the way shapes us into better people. It might feel like nothing is going the way you planned but in that is where the beauty of life lies, don't walk away from it, simply go with it and know that in the end you will see that who you have in your life came into your life exactly the way they were meant to.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of sexy, spunky hot cowboy reads. Carolyn Brown delivers on each and every page a truly phenomenal story of friendship never forgotten, love and family found and above all the message of miracles happen every day.

I look forward to many more highly enjoyable reads from this author!

5/5 star review
" This soldier is about to face the toughest battle of his life and it comes armed with a pink pistol"