Tempt Me Cowboy by Megan Crane

Tempt Me, Cowboy

Reviewed by Desere

When you want something bad enough in life there is one piece of advise that everyone will give you "Go for it, keep pushing till you get it".

But we do not always find the courage or strength to push on till we get it, some of us even have with all our determination the bad luck of losing it just as it is within our grasp, and with that comes a complete set of other problems. The question is will you keep fighting or simply let go?

In this read from Megan Crane she tells the story of Chelsea, she is determined to save the old depot but before she has the chance to carry out her rescue it is sold !

And along with the sale comes a temptation hotter then the Texas sun and more delicious than candy, yes ladies I give you I'll-tempt-you-into-wild-wicked-nights-with-only-me Jasper Flint.

Only Chelsea knows Jasper is not the kind to stick around, but Jasper has other ideas and all he needs to do is bring Chelsea round to his kind of thinking, should be easy as roping in a horse right?

A very short read, but what a delicious, sweet, sensual and super hot little read it was! I loved the characters and the passion and emotion the author created.

The passion between the main characters explodes rather quickly but not in such a manner as in other short reads, I have found that in some short reads it happens a little too quickly making it almost completely unrealistic and it usually snowballs from there, as the true emotional part of it all is left behind, this author however moved quickly with the passion and heat but incorporated the emotional punch I needed to keep me entertained and entranced wanting to find out what would happen next.

I loved the backdrop settings and the dialogue was all sexy, hot, sensual heat! I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a totally hotter than hot, sweeter than honey and very thrilling read. The perfect afternoon escape!

5/5 star review
" He's tempting her into a whole new direction" 

Reviewed by Shirley

Tempt Me, Cowboy by Megan Crane
Published by Tule Publishing

Could Miss Prim and Proper lower her guard to walk on the wild side with Mr. Tall, Dark and Sexy? Chelsea wasn't sure, but she would definitely try.

Serious, stuffy, and conservative, Chelsea Crawford Collier had deep roots in the soil of Marietta, Montana. She was not free spirited, nor wanton, and always shielded herself from scandal. That is, until Tod Styles, her ex-boyfriend, decided to be unfaithful. Now the whole town pitied her. She may not be the cause of the scandal, but she sure felt the effect. To compound the situation, Tod had sold the Marietta Railway Depot right out from under her to an outsider of all people, Jasper Flint. Never mind that Jasper drew her like a moth to a flame, igniting a raging fire inside while leaving her breathless after only one encounter. Could she keep her act together enough to procure the railway depot for her proposed museum or should she throw caution to the wind and fly close to the flame? But if she relents to Mr. Sex on Legs, would he stay with her or would she be just a temporary stop on his trip through life?

Clawing his way up the ladder of success from a life of mediocrity, Jasper Flint was extremely rich, after all, he was retiring at thirty five. He had had the high profile life, the fancy house, the trophy wife, but when he stumbled upon the idyllic town nestled in the valley below Copper Mountain, he knew he wanted to live there. So he sold his business, divorced his cheating wife, and bought the Marietta Railway Depot to start a microbrewery, not the museum he had heard rumors Chelsea and her mother wanted. Then, he met Chelsea and decided he wanted her too, not as a one night stand, but a lot more, and what he wanted, he got. He knew underneath that dowdy schoolmarm exterior was a hot, fiery,sensuous woman begging to be free. Would he be able to keep her, sated, sensual and his, or would her roots for the town tear them apart?

This is the first novella in the Copper Mountain Rodeo Series published by Tule Publishing. It was an excellent story: short but well written with interesting characters. It was easy to identify with the age old story of lovers VS heritage. I enjoyed this light, easy read. 

5/5 stars         Should she take the chance?