Beneath Outback Skies by Alissa Callen

Review by TashNz
5 Star Read
Beneath Outback Skies, Alissa Callen

Beneath Outback Skies a 2013 Random Romance release and full length novel by Australian Author Alissa Callen is such a stunningly wonderful, well crafted book that I was completely swept away to the beautiful Australian Outback; only coming up for breath on the very last page.  

Paige is trying to save her drought-stricken family farm, Banora Downs.  It's the the worst drought ever and affecting everyone in her rural town.  Times are bad and slowly everyone is selling off their farms to try and financially survive.  

Paige is determined to keep her farm, her sheer hard work and determination drives her to battle hard to look after her farm and her invalid Father, Connor.  Last thing she needs is city-boy Tait turning up as a farm-stay but they need the money and he's agreed to pay triple, she's pretty much lumped with it.  There's instant attraction but Paige doesn't have time or the desire to have a two week fling.  It's clear Tait is not exactly who he says he is and his character is so well written the pages were literally flying for me while I learned about long buried family secrets that have a ripple effect on the whole town.

I really liked Paige; she's such an open-book character, she works hard, loves her family and her town, and even though she has the world on her shoulders she soldiers on.  She accepts Tait's part of her life for a couple of weeks and puts him to good use around the farm.  She's the last person to expect "city-boy" would be the one to put the light in her day.

And then we have Tait, wow!  I would share my campfire and marshmallows with him any-day!  He's a strong, good looking, hard-working, caring, level headed knight in shining armour in disguise lol.  At first glance he's a good looking "city-boy" who rides into town to escape the city grind.  Before long his friendly approachable nature along with some good-deeds earns him the respect of the townsfolk. Tait has a lot seemingly random of questions for Paige and it's through his points of view you learn there's more to him than meets the eye, and what a delicious view that is by the way.

There are a few other important side characters, mainly Connor, Paige's father who also has points of view which are vital to the story and Ann, Paige's deceased Mum's best friend.  Connor and Ann along with various other townsfolk add to the mystery and intrigue of the story and enhanced my reading journey.

Beneath Outback Skies is a winner for me because it has everything!  It has solid, lovable characters.  It has a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable story-line with just enough mystery and intrigue to keep curiosity high.  It has a believable backdrop and likable townsfolk.  It's filled to the brim with drama, comedy, and of course good old-fashioned love and romance.  

The writing is so descriptive and the imagery so powerful that I was standing right next to Paige as she was camping out roasting marshmallows by the fire, in town getting supplies or laughing with her while she struggled with her "hook-thingy".  I heard the screeching cockatoo's Paige and Tait camped under and I could see and feel the coldness of the water-hole they swam in.

I feel that not one word was wasted.  The story flawlessly flowed and I was so completely immersed and I couldn't put it down.

I give Beneath Outback Skies 5 stars because it was genuine, warm, and above all a thoroughly enjoyable read so well written that it's going to be a keeper on my shelf and I will be recommending it to everyone!

5 Stars!