Kate by Tammy Domingue - Book 1 Sisterhood of St. Gabriel Series

Reviewed by Desere

People fresh out of jail are no different than you and I, yes some tend to go back to the route of evil but some are just like the rest of us trying to have a normal successful life. But the fact that they were in jail in the first place will and is always hanging around.

Some people go as far as completely holding it against that person and not wanting anything to do with them, others see the good in the person and try to help. Which ever human reaction life after prison holds the point is that someone no matter who they are or what they have done, they all deserve a chance at happiness.

In this read from Tammy Domingue she tells of Kate and her post prison life. Kate has made something of herself the good old fashioned way, by honest hard work. The only thing missing from her life is success in the romance department. That is until she takes a little weekend trip and runs into her first love I'll-make-you-burn-hotter-than-fire Bo.

But before long the weekend is over and an entire cupboard of skeletons come tumbling out and both Kate and Bo have to face facts. And so it seems that the romance department in Kate's life is once again going to be taking a long walk of a very short pier, that is until Bo shows up at Kate's front door, the only question remaining will she let him in?

Both the main characters of Bo and Kate were brilliantly written by the author. Each one had their own unique emotional set of up's and down's and I loved them both. From Kate's determination spunk to succeed to Bo's always pushing attitude to get Kate into his arms.

The backdrop settings were very nicely described by the author and fell into place with the read. The dialogue did feel a little crass at some times but I could understand the author incorporating it as it matched with the personalities of the characters and their colourful lives.

The secondary characters were all really unique and definitely made the read more interesting than other secondary characters in other reads do. The author focused on them as much as she did the main characters and this made the read a very enjoyable one and I also felt very connected to the read as in some reads the secondary characters are there but not really there and you know they are aiding the main characters in some way but it is so vague that it simply never falls into place, not the case in this read so great job Tammy!

I'm taking away a message of life has setbacks and even though it seems that you might get back to the top in only certain areas of your life, don't give up hope on the last one. Keep believing that somewhere out there is someone willing to accept you and your past simply because they love you for who you are.

I recommend this read for romance fans looking for a deeply emotional and touching read. Very sexy and hot!

4.5 star review

"Life is all about second chances" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

KateTammy Domingue’s debut novel Kate; is so much more than a second chance at romance with your first love. It is about overcoming addictions and paying the price for the bad choices you make in life.

Kate Keller has learned her lessons in the school of hard knocks. After making bad decisions she paid the ultimate price by doing time in prison. While there, she became friends with a few other inmates. And out of a bad situation grew the type of friendships anyone would treasure. Now she is partners with Gabby Gibson and together they run a business together flipping older properties into extreme homes. I really loved the character of Kate. She was funny, strong willed and learned from her mistakes.

Bo Thomas has never really forgotten about Kate aka Sweet Potata. And while he has been married two times, there was a reason neither marriage really worked. Now he has come face to face with Kate and is hoping that things will work out right this time. At first I was really pissed with the character of Bo, but he redeemed himself later. I would rather the readers learn on their own and not give too much away.

There is no denying that these two are attracted to each other. But both are keeping secrets that could tear any relationship apart. As the story went on I felt myself rooting for Bo and Sweet Potata. The passion was written well. But of course with a good romance there always has to be a surprise and this novel is no different.

I also liked the story line of the friends having met at prison; it gave a new twist I have not read in other novels. I thought the friend’s storylines were believable. And having traveled to Louisiana, Texas and Alabama before, I felt the author did a really good job of describing the areas without overdoing it. There was a good bit of humor thrown in to the story line. The conversations between friends were very funny at times. Speaking of the friends, I also loved how the author described friends enough that you felt you knew them but that they didn’t totally take over the entire story.

For a debut novel I thought the author did an amazing job. I look forward to reading more from her in the future. I highly recommend this book to romance readers, it is sexy, funny and makes one believe there is always a second chance.

One of my favorite lines:

“He was not the best, in fact it was a horrible performance of eating at the Y, but after a little coaching and A LOT of concentration I GOT MINE! Now, with that being said, I’m going to take a shower and get the baby oil out from between my toes.”

4.5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.