Trust Me? by K. E. Osborn

 Trust me? by K.E. Osborn

Reviewed by Shirley

 Trust Me? Book one of The Trust Me? Trilogy  by K. E. Osborn

Trust. When do you give it? When do you want it? How do you choose correctly between the options? Once it is broken,how do you ever feel confident enough to trust again? In her debut novel, K. E. Osborn weaves an intriguing and engrossing tale of one woman's voyage of self discovery as she struggles to trust again.

Escaping a controlling,abusive relationship three years before, Jenifer Taylor has retreated from the dating scene. She no longer trusts herself to have good judgement in regards to men, but an unfortunate accident sets the wheels in motion for an life altering change. Suddenly she finds a man who insists he wants a place in her life: a sweet, kind, generous,and sensitive man. Could she let down the guard around her heart to find love and trust again, or would her past failure keep her an unwilling prisoner?

Captivated by the fiery, sassy woman at the accident, Aiden O'Connell felt the stirrings of something completely different from any woman he had ever known, but he had learned to be wary. Women only saw his money, position, and power,but Jennifer was different. She ignored all the trappings of his life and focused solely on him, but her inability to trust provided a definite barrier between them. Besides, there was a lurking evil in his life that could hurt and destroy them. For the first time ever, he knew this was a challenge he had to win because his heart told him she was The One. Would a slow constant pursuit of her bring him his heart's desire that increased with each passing day, or would the secrets in his life suddenly snatch away all his secret dreams?

I enjoyed the way the story unfolded as Jenifer went from a position of trusting no man with her heart to slowly blossoming in Aiden's love and care. Through his own growth and discovery Aiden realized with her love, he could weather any storm. But evil forces behind the scenes wanted to destroy his life, and by association, hers. The mystery and suspense was always evident in the story creating an edgy backdrop.

I really enjoyed the dialogue, especially the texts messages and emails. The camaraderie between the characters was easy to follow and developed naturally. Although there were a few editing problems and sometimes the writing did not seem to flow smoothly, it did not interfere with the story. Pulled in from the beginning, I found myself eagerly turning the pages as the story unfolded.

After such an tearful, intense cliff hanger, I can't wait to read the next book in this trilogy " Love Me?".

Good Read! I would recommend this book to all readers of romance or suspense!

4/5 stars              I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

Did she have the courage to trust again?