Winning The Boss’s Heart (Entangled Indulgence) by Hayson Manning

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Winning the Boss's HeartMason Christian goes through P.A.’s like a child with a pez dispenser … He has hired Billie McLeod as the latest. The only problem is he has flown through so many he doesn’t call them by name anymore … no Billie is labeled and called number forty-two. And so starts a hilarious exchange throughout the book between Mason and Billie. 

Mason is driven and work is the only thing he understands anymore. He once had it all, only to suffer a parent’s worst nightmare. After his marriage fell apart, he became a work obsessed machine. But there is something so very sexy about this man. It could be the way he cared for Billie when she became ill. Now he has twelve weeks to flip the current property and have it ready for his Japanese buyer. What he doesn’t have time for is feelings for anyone, including number forty-two. Who seems to be taking over his thoughts throughout the day.

Billie’s character was just what this book needed. I loved her spunky attitude and wit. She always had a quick comeback and didn’t back down from Mason. Determined to stick it out working for Mason, she has dreams of going to Culinary School and she will be able to do just that if she doesn’t walk away. Billie loves the history of Footsteps Bay and the way the community comes together at harvest time. She wants to protect the beauty and the fruit trees on the property that Mason hopes to flip so she does a search on the area and finds the Historic Heritage Act and forwards the information to the head of the council in Footsteps Bay.

This is a story about making the necessary changes in your life. It is about getting a second chance at happiness, even if it is with a new partner. The passionate scenes were well written and you could see the love growing between these two.

I really enjoyed the humor and the banter between Billie and Mason.  One of the best parts of this book was waiting to read what new name Billie was going to call her boss. OMG … I absolutely loved some of the names that she called Mason. Reginald, Chip, Kimball, Inglebert, Barnaby, Trout, Herman, and Shaft … LOL there are many more trust me.

There were quite a few lines that I really enjoyed in this book here is one of them:
“I’m not eating with you. Now if we’re done here, I’ve got four million things I need to do prior to collapsing and getting thirteen minutes of sleep before we hit play and start having fun with a capital F all over again. “

4.5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Nas

WINNING THE BOSS’S HEART by author Hayson Manning is an Entangled Publishing release for October 2013.

Billie McCloud goes to start work for new business tycoon property developer, Mason Christian. But she does not agree to his business practice. He wanted to develop an old heritage site, and she put a stop to it.

He is a demanding boss and rather than remember the assistant’s name, he calls them by numbers. She reciprocates by calling his every name she could think of. Yet sparks fly and they give in to their passion. But would it last?
Could Mason forget his past and move on with Billie?

WINNING THE BOSS’S HEART is a fun romance with witty and hilarious dialogue.
Recommended for romance lovers.