Gifts of Honor by Stacy Gail and Rebecca Crowley

Reviewed by Desere

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I adore to read the books about kick ass hero's from the war. The action, drama and look behind the lines of fire as always been a favorite to me, and when the author take the time to go behind the lives of those that serve it is even better than all the action bom'bs and gunfire.

Yet there are not enough reads focusing on the lives of the men and woman who put it all on the line to protect others. Therefore I was simply delighted to be offered the chance to read a double look into the lives of two men and the life after war.

The first read Starting from Scratch by Stacy Gail is about the life of Sullivan and Lucy. Wounded in action he returns home but has no memory of his life with Lucy, he asks for a divorce and it seems the happy ever after is no longer. But the miracle of Christmas might just save them both.

I loved the emotion in this read, it was so touching and powerful it was as if I could grab both characters and bang them both over the head to let them see that it is neither one's fault, and simply a test of life and how strong their love can be to withstand tragedy.  A truly sweet, romantic and sensual read.

" Can their love be found in the memories from the past" 5/5 star review 

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The second read is from Rebecca Crowley titled Hero's Homecoming and tells of the whirlwind romance between Chris and Beth. Chris is wounded in battle and returns home blind and cannot help but feel like less of a man than he use to be, he takes this new found frustration to life out on Beth and it looks like the love once found on the fast and furious ground of passion has brunt out.

This read was of course a whole lot more intense than the first read in this book, leaning to move around in life when suddenly blind is not something I think anyone can imagine as being easy.

The author showed true insight into the differences of being able to see the ones we love and to only being able to touch them whilst relying on the image our mind brings into focus.

The emotional and truly vivid look into blindness and the learning curve was so strong and so fantastically brought to life by the author, I cried the entire read through. It did at first feel like the instant connection between Chris and Beth was a bit fast, but then again love happens at first sight and goes from there, but at one stage it did feel like it was happening a little easily as it goes from meet, fall in love in a few days and then separated for months before being thrown back at each other.

However it reminded me that as in real life, sometimes love has no limits and logical goes out the back door. A really heart-wrenching look into letting someone else help you pick up the pieces of your once perfect life when you are simply not strong enough to do it on your own.

"The power of touch"  
5/5 star review 

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