Countering His Claim by Rachel Bailey

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine going to a will reading and instead of you inheriting what you wanted you only get half of it!

Feelings of let down, unfair, I have to fix this somehow all start running around and can take their toll on you if you don't then and there decide what you will or will not do to let the situation work in your favor.

In the new read from the always brilliant Rachel Bailey, she takes hero let-me-set -sail-with-your-body Luke and how he plans to go about getting the entire ship of his late uncle and turn it into a hotel, but first he has to get rid of co-owner, ship Dr. Della. Easy right? Well yes if he can manage to not let his attraction to her take flame!

The character of Luke was sensational, yes he is a jerk and cannot see the real value of what is in-front of him, but he does over time turn into one awesome hero! The author takes him from always suspicious and set on getting his own way to fabulous, bone melting deliciousness.

Through his character I was also reminded that we all tend to focus on what we want and never stop to think about what our actions will do to others, we instead prefer to steamroll over them and ensure we walk away with all the glory and none of the hurt.

The character of Della was the one I felt true sorrow for, she absolutely broke my heart. Strong willed yet deeply scarred. The author developed this character in very intriguing stages before letting her fully unfold as the true woman she is. Through this character I saw how the overpowering feeling of love and attraction can replace a spark once thought lost to the world.

The backdrop settings were magical and so very calming yet also very exciting with a little bit of that ocean found madness! The dialogue was written with such a easy,calming effect flow by the author that it truly blended in with the world of romance found as sea to absolute perfection.

I am taking away a message of focusing only on your goals in life and not taking the ideas of others into consideration might leave you with exactly what you wanted but when you get there, the truth of the matter that will always remain is "Was it worth it?" And never, ever judge someone based on past experiences.

I highly recommend this read for all romance fans. The ocean, romance, passion blossoming, intrigue and secrets, what more could a reader ask for!

5/5 star review
" He wants her off the ship, but once she is gone will he be able to make it without her?" 


Reviewed by Nas


COUNTERING HIS CLAIM by USA Today Bestselling author Rachel Bailey is a Harlequin Desire release for October 2013.

Luke Marlow is not happy to learn that his inheritance is shared by someone else. His uncle left which rightfully belonged to him to his doctor Delia Walsh.

And Delia is not ready to sell him her share. Especially when she finds out that Luke wanted to anchor the cruise ship and turn it into a hotel. She asks for time from Luke to sway him to her way of thinking. Meanwhile the chemistry between them flares into passion. And they give in to their attraction for each other. But would Luke change his mind or is he just stringing Delia along?

COUNTERING HIS CLAIM is an emotional story. The progression of love between Luke and Delia is tender and overwhelms the heart. The poignant and realistic way in which they deal with their pasts and any future hurdle is truly magical to read. Rachel Bailey spellbinds us with her superb storytelling. This romantic tale is rich with emotion and all of the characters are exquisitely rendered. The setting on the cruise liner gives us an escape which is incomparable!

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.