Falling by Tara Mills


Reviewed by Desere 

Falling is a 15 page read from the very talented author Tara Mills. It tells the short story of Meredith and how one one clear crisp morning her peaceful silence is interrupted by the sounds of her very sexy neighbor Garret using a leave blower to clear his yard, but of course she does not appreciate the interruption nor that his leaves are now strewn all over her yard.

As can be expected she takes him on about it, but soon finds that in front of her is not a torn in her side but her future staring back at her.

Although this is a short read the author really lets the message of "When the feeling comes you will know" shine through. We have all reached a moment in time when we just know that we are looking or seeing our future, it could be a house, a car or in the case of this read the person you are meant to spend your life with.

I liked that the author shows that Meredith went through some trial and error in life before getting to where she needs to be. I would of course have liked the book to be slightly longer but at the end of the day I get that the author wanted to relay a message of how strong feelings can be when the moment hits and that a strong connection is sometimes all we need to know we have found what we have been waiting for.

A very nice and sweet little read. Well done Tara!

4.5 star review
" With the wind, love is just around the corner"