The Secret Heir of Sunset Ranch

The Secret Heir of Sunset Ranch

Reviewed by Desere

Falling pregnant and having to go to the family of the baby's father in order to ensure financial assistance cannot be easy for any woman. It is embarrassing, you feel like a fool and most of all like a beggar and of course you hope they will believe you, for if the family is wealthy then surely you will be seen as a gold digger trying to force another man's child upon a unwillingly rich one.

But what if you are telling the truth only the element of surprise is not really that you have shown up or that you are now holding the heir to the family but rather that the father is dead and the true kicker, you never really slept with him to begin with , so who is the real father?

As shocking as that might sound it is the case in the new Charlene Sands read. Kat is in desperate need of financial assistance for her son, she grew up in a abusive and very poor household and is dead set on making sure her son has a better life. So she takes off to the ranch of Brett, upon arrival all she finds is his Aunt Matty, severely fragile after a heart attack when she learned of Brett's death.

So pretty much not only desperate but in a state of confusion Kat is at a loss for words as her life seems more complicated than ever. But when you-make-my-knees-weak-Justin shows up and realisation hits Kat like a icy cold splash of water she is understandably furious. Here is the father of her baby and instead of a smile all she wants to give him is the beating of a lifetime. But Justin is not up for any discussion what so ever, now that he knows he has a son the fact that he pretended to be Brett when he slept with Kat is irrelevant, he wants to be apart of his son's life and if he can get Kat around to his way of thinking he will have her too.

The character of Kat was remarkable, it takes a strong and very determined woman to take a chance and face humiliation in order to suck it up and face facts. It also cannot be easy at all to find the strength to let go of old ways in order to be a honest person , it is never easy to simply let go of your old ways and start new.
I liked that the author gave Kat this personality trait of fighting for her child but at the same time trying to stay with doing the right thing, as they say old habits die hard.

The  character of Justin was really awesome, yes he is a bit of a nasty man as let's face it, no woman wants to sleep with someone who is not really the man he says he is, but him wanting to do the right thing and do anything he can to be apart of his son's life was good enough to bring me around to liking him. Any man that does right by his child is a excellent hero in my books.

The backdrop settings was very well written and blended very nicely with the story line. The emotion packed into the dialogue was overwhelming and had me crying and laughing, but it was most of all delivered with a true spectacular punch! I could almost touch the words of romance and feel the heat between the characters and the most wonderful was the sense of family and that no matter who you are when you are around the right kind of people help will always be around.

I am taking away a message of secrets and money never ever match, when temptation of a better life falls at your feet, taking it is not always the way out. You need to take stock and find the most honest way to deal with the options in front of you, for you will never get the chance to go back and do it over again and most importantly when given the chance for the world to see you as the real you, grab it with both hands in the end you will know you stayed true to yourself.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of Charlene Sands books, it was sensual, sexy and a very emotional read.

4.5 star review
" He's not the man she thought he was, but is she really the woman he thought she was?"