The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride by Carolyn Brown

The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride (Cowboys & Brides, #3)

Reviewed by Desere

I have heard many, many stories about men and woman writing each other whilst the wars of our world were happening and then suddenly the letters stop only to years later be delivered. Of course this has caused relationships to suddenly end with no reason and irreparable heartache, woman have even go through the agony of thinking the man was killed in action but never found, the list goes on and on.

But every once in a while a letter gets delivered, some over a sixty years late, and the couple with the help of the world wide web gets reconnected and a beautiful love story lives on.

But because it does not always work out that way there is always a reason to feel sad as you cannot help but think about the what if's had those letters made it in time, but what author Carolyn Brown has done is taken the focus away from a sad story and turned it into a beautiful discovery of new romance that had me addicted from the first page!

The read is about Emily, she has the task of delivering a box of old letters sent to Clarice many years ago by Emily's grandfather, all were delivered except for one. She promised him on his deathbed it would get delivered to Clarice, but when she delivers the letters she not only discovers I 'll-never-get-enough-of-you Greg Adams but also lands herself a job as Clarice's assistant making it really hard to avoid Greg and his "I know you're hiding something " attitude. Greg however has no intention of letter her avoid him at all, he will be relentless in his pursuit of the truth.

The main characters were beautifully created by the author and I simply fell head over heals in love with them both. The secondary characters were all so magical and delightful that I found myself wishing someone like these woman would be around in my life and share some of the funky fun and laughter they get up to.

Clarice also very much reminded me of my own late grandmother, she was always there for everyone and always just wanted to see us all happy and she would meddle away all day long it it meant we would be smiling in the long run. It had me in tears missing my grandma very much but in a total good way, and this to me showed just how much emotion this author packs into her characters , it has never happened that I have found myself linking a character back to someone that has been in my own life, so truly excellent job Carolyn!

Emily was a really neat character as she had the shroud of mystery about her, with showing up with a box of letters and some mail order bride story but of course anyone could make up one of those if they found the letters, people are not always who they say they are. But this little mystery gave this character that perfect "I know something or I might not know and I might tell you or I might not it all depends " feeling and in turn created some truly awesome private moments between her and Greg.

Greg, darling,darling Greg was all kinds of yummylicous, lip smacking goodness! I adored his approach towards his suspicions and it showed that in real life it is sometimes necessary to think about it maybe being a life challenging set up and to then keep your enemies very close in order to find out if they are indeed enemies or possibly the one that will change it all.

The author made sure to incorporate that perfect Texan speech that simply makes for brilliant reading and no surprise I once again found myself rolling around on the floor with laughter! The author has a unique writing style that combines everyday situations with just a touch of fantasy, rolling out the perfect realistic 'this can really happen' read with just a glimmer of the 'stuff dreams are made of', all combined with laughter, romance and beautiful emotion.

I am taking away a message of life has it's reason's for the brining of sadness, but your sadness may just be the key needed to bring happiness to someone else.

I highly recommend this read to all fans of Carolyn Brown reads, she has once again given us a fun filled, kick ass, rocking, boots stomping, heart-stopping, dreams come true romance, that shows a powerful message of dreams can still come true , sometimes it is just not meant to be for us but for those closest to us.

5/5 star review
"She might have the mail but all he wants is her heart"