Gold Coast Angels : Bundle of Trouble by Fiona Lowe

 Gold Coast Angels: Bundle Of Trouble

Reviewed by Desere 

Fiona Lowe has always manged to create fantastic stories that touch my heart, she has more than once also made me cry so bad that people around me thought me to be in very deep emotional pain.

In her newest read she has once again managed to bring me to tears and touched on emotion so strong in left me in awe of her writing skills.

The story is about proud family man Luke Stanley, he is a top of the notch plastic surgeon and has the perfect little family, in a nutshell, he has everything going for him in all the right directions.

Until life altering events sends him into the deepest depths of despair where there is never an easy way out. It will take a bright shining star to bring the once happy and full of life man back, and that shining star is Chloe.

And although she has been through her own set of up's and down's in life she is still able to look at the brighter side of all dark clouds, and she is all that is needed to bring Luke out from the rain.

The character of Luke truly broke my heart, through this character I was reminded just how deep love can be and how exceptionally hard it must be to be able to get up and move on in life when a part of you is missing. Luke having to find the strength to carry on for the sake of the adorable and very cute little Amber also showed that when losing someone in your life giving up is never the answer as there is always someone else that needs you and you cannot simply walk away.

The character of Chloe was a nice reminder that life is hard but applying the old saying of "every could has a silver lining" is the best way to handle the hardships, and the more you remember it the more you will grow and be able to pass that message onto others that have not reached the level of thinking that you have.

The backdrop settings were full of life and very beautifully incorporated to match the flow of the read, wonderfully descriptive and intriguing. The dialogue was pure Fiona Lowe brilliance, emotional, heartwarming and as mentioned brought me to tears !

The secondary character of Steph was simply an amazing addition and made my heart soar with joy at the pure wonder the love of family can bring to life.

I am taking away a message of life deals some pretty serious and truly heartbreaking blows, the courage to get back up and fight for a level or normality is a endless battle, but it can be so much easier if you let someone it to help you. It might feel like you are betraying the one person you loved the most but in fact you need to try and remember that your happiness is what would have made that special someone the happiest and therefore you need to let go and grab the chance at a second happy ever after before it is too late.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of Fiona Lowe books. A easy read with loads of drama and a gorgeous ending, and a wonderful message of just how precious the gift of life is.

5/5 star review
" Joy found in the darkest of hours" 

Reviewed by Nas

Gold Coast Angels: BUNDLE OF TROUBLE by award winning author Fiona Lowe is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for October 2013.

Luke Stanley blames himself for his wife’s death. He is grief-stricken and now a solo dad for his small daughter. But he starts having dizzy spells and literally falls at Nurse Chloe Kefes feet.

She steps in and looks after him when he goes for surgery and cares for his small daughter. Even though she is used to keeping distance from small children because of her past tragedy. Could she step out from her past issues and embrace a future with Luke and his daughter? And would Luke forgive himself enough to move forward with Chloe?

Gold Coast Angels: BUNDLE OF TROUBLE is emotional and dramatic, at times heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting story about taking chances on love’s choices and triumphing against the odds. Chloe is a wonderful heroine readers would relate to and admire whereas Luke is a gorgeous hero, whose strength, sensitivity and magnetism will pull you in. Fiona Lowe has written an engrossing and fast-paced story. The emotional and sensory details are exquisitely done.

Highly recommended for all lovers of medical romance.

Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

A moment in time, an instant decision or an isolated event can change your entire life plan. Chloe and Luke had such life changing events. Hers was long ago, but his was more recent. Could they find a common ground to build a relationship or were they destined to live long and lonely lives?

When Chloe Kefes was a teenager, she dreamed of a husband and children one day, but fate shattered those dreams. With her brother's help, she pulled herself out of her depression, picked up the pieces and built a different life. Now a successful nurse at the Gold Coast City Hospital, she avoided talk of her personal life and any medical situations with children until Luke Stanley, an imminent plastic surgeon, forced her assistance with a young boy. Suddenly she wondered if those long forgotten dreams could be achievable. Was Luke and his daughter her new destiny? Could she help him conquer his ghosts of loss to build a future together or were they really destined to be ships passing repeatedly in the night?

When Luke Stanley left Gold Coast City Hospital a year ago, life was perfect: a beautiful wife, a darling child and a foreign hospital appointment, but now he has returned a bitter, tense and tired widower. His dreams of happily ever after have been shattered and work is his only saving grace. But is it? There are increasing blank spots in his memory, guilt over his attraction to Chloe and an escalating fear of neglecting his daughter. Can he overcome his fears and reach for happiness again or should he resign himself to forever be alone?

A wonderful and entertaining story with well developed characters and a well thought out plot. I enjoyed this story from the first page until the last.

I would recommend this book to all romance readers.

I received a copy from the author for an honest review.

5/5 stars Should they try to reach for the stars again?