The Most Expensive Night of her Life by Amy Andrews

The Most Expensive Night of Her Life

Reviewed by Desere 

When we look at supermodels we don't see the imperfections, no we see how perfect the hair looks and the perfect shape of legs and lips, it's an endless list.

And of course we then take a look at the men in their lives and we can all immediately tell that they are with those perfect absolutely gorgeous men because of the way they look, most female readers will agree " I wish I looked like her so I can get a guy that looks like that " are the words that echo through your mind over and over.

So seeing them with any man less than perfect would be a bit of a shock, but think how fabulous it would be to get behind that love story! As is the case in the new read from Amy Andrews.

When I started reading the opening lines I immediately fell hook, line and sinker for Blake, as yes I have a soft spot for all war hero's but he was also so much more than just a hero.

From the opening lines I immediately knew he is not only mentally and psychically a little messed up but I could tell that the author had a real man hidden somewhere amongst the dreaded "I am bad news" attitude, and I would never have placed him in the arms of a supermodel.

Yet this is exactly where the author lets Blake be, in the arms of the gorgeous always appearance perfect Ava! To both of them this is all to do with charity and a little out of the lime light time but when the sexual heat bubbles to a furious explosion it comes down to more of a 'let's forget the charity and feast on each other" situation. However, the press strikes and the consequences leaves their relationship hanging by a very delicate thread.

The character of Blake was totally incredibly written by the author, she really dug deep and gave me the insight into his turmoiled mind from all the war related incidents he endured.  It happens many times that a war hero related read does not give me everything I wanted as to his frame of mind, his nightmares, the heartache and feelings of "I was a hero now am just a zero", however in this case I felt the author gave me everything I needed and managed to do so in only 224 pages. I have read some books similar to this one and with over 300 pages I could still not take away everything I wanted, so brilliant work Amy!

The character of Ava was what I expected, a keep the press happy but hide the real woman inside heroine, but the unique part was that she was able to look past Blake's injuries and see the real man he use to be , and bring him back out from the darkness. As I mentioned before you do not expect to see the perfect looking woman with a imperfect looking man. This touch of brilliance from the author made me truly appreciate the character of Ava and reminded me that the the real life press needs to bring more focus on woman such as Ava and the courage it takes to love a broken man.

The backdrop settings and dialogue was pure Amy Andrews perfection. It had heat, drama, a sense of new found wonder and excitement!  I am taking away a message of when falling in love it is never about the person being the perfection the world expects you to end up with, as the saying goes , ' we cannot prevent who we fall for', and the author crafted this message within these pages to perfection.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance with a message that even the rich and very beautiful can be brought to their knees by a non-perfect love, all you need is each other.

5/5 star review
" Within her arms the once broken man will be healed" 

**Copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review

Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

All of us have run across a diva in our lives who appear haughty, self absorbed and totally lacking in emotions for their fellow man. Usually more down to earth people have suffered their presence, dealt with their idiosyncrasies and moved on. Only once in a while an event will happen when these people are around each other and we will see below the public surface of each one and catch a glimpse of the people are underneath. They may be the same all the way through or surprise you with warm compassionate people behind the facade. Ava and Blake were two such people.

At 27, Ava Kelly was at the top of her modeling career. Her gorgeous much photographed face and a body that hordes of fans envied were featured in ads, magazines and on billboards, but the climb to the top had been a long journey. Abandoned and betrayed by her mother at seventeen, she gave no one her trust as she fought to gain her status. And the best part along the way, every man wanted her. That is, except for the one she secretly craved… Blake. He didn't seem to need her or desire her, rebuffing her every overtures to get close. As he remodeled her home, she had imagined hot sexual fantasies with him on every new surface. She really didn't understand why he didn't reciprocate her feelings. No, he outright ignored her. Had she lost her touch? Or did he really not have any attraction to her at all?

A retired military hero, Blake Walker carried a sea of guilt and grief on his shoulders. Disappearing into the depths of depression, his brother was the driving force to rescue him and bring him into a partnership in their design business. Clawing his way back from those dismal feelings of guilt over losing his comrades in war, including his sister's husband, and the grief of losing physical parts of himself, he didn't suffer fools gladly, either during the war or now. Although he was polite, composed, courteous, respectful and unflappable these days, only by biting his tongue could he manage to get through this job with the prima donna, Ava. Following an incident at her house, now he has a new problem. She needs a place to lay low while the police find the perpetrator and believes his house boat is ideal...and since his sister now needs a million pounds for her charity and Ava is willing to pay it to stay there, the deal is struck. Supermodel + Houseboat + Construction worker = a situation he must have lost the rest of his mind to consider, but a million pounds for one night????

Could he survive her charms in such close quarters?

Could she break down the stoic reserve he had locked himself in?

Could they find love or would the public tear them apart?

I would recommend this book to any romance readers who wants to see both sides of the fence as the characters travel a road of self discovery and the deeper discovery of each other. Dynamic sexual interest, intriguing situations, and a tempting story. Excellent book with a well developed plot and well written characters. I certainly enjoyed this book.

A copy was provided by the author for an honest review.

5/5 stars Their love was worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox