Gold Coast Angels : How to Resist Temptation by Amy Andrews

Gold Coast Angels: How To Resist Temptation

Reviewed by Desere 

Have you ever read a book that was so super hot it left you feeling more than just a little flustered and of course double checking over your shoulder to make sure no one sees you blushing?

This was the case for me with the new Amy Andrews book. A super, super hotter than hot hero and a fabulous heroine to bring him to his knees, and set in the medical world , you will agree this is guaranteed a winner!

And what a winner it was. The read is about Cade, wanting to leave behind scandal and redeem his title of heart-breaker he packs up and heads for the Gold Coast and the hospital that will be his second chance. Once there he encounters Callie and her very tempting body.

Now they do end up spending what is to both of them, the best night of their lives, together however Cade is not the found 'em keeping 'em kind of guy, nope this one is the perfect rock their worlds and then head on to the next one kind of guy.  Will he be able to simply walk away again or will temptation make way for a lifetime of happiness?

The character of Callie was totally awesome! I adored her from the first introduction. She knows Cade is the worst news ever, a walking disaster yet she keeps pushing to make him crack wide open not just because she has fallen for him but because she can see that underneath the hurt and anger there is a man ready to love her unconditionally if he will only set himself free from the guilt of the past.

The character of Cade was a total arrogant bastard at best, but yes it is due to his past and the guilt he has to live with and I could understand his pushing every woman away when they get too close. I adored how Callie made him fall to his knees with every chance she got. It gave the book loads of conflict and awesome spice!!

The backdrop settings were perfect for a broken heart in need of healing. I adored the dialogue, sweet sensual sexy heat and amazing emotion! I am taking away a message of blaming yourself for past mistakes is never the answer you need to step outside the box and rather look at the lesson you learned from the mistake and try to improve on your future decisions, and never ever try to avoid the decisions all together, the mess will only be worse!

I recommend this read for any reader looking for super hot romance, with a terrifically crafted story of the past meets the future and a couple that will live in your memory as one of the best ever written!

5/5 star review

" The temptation becomes the tempted"  

** Copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review

Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

When you have had a bad relationship, there are many different ways you can handle it. For Callie, no one was ever going to have complete control over her life again. For Cade, he would reinvent himself, avoid dating like the plague, and definitely have no obligations outside of work. But Fate has other plans. A bachelor auction will be the beginning catalyst to stirring a pot that messes up both their resolves.

Gorgeous, talented and successful, Callie Richards believes “ her career is her life, everything else is superfluous”. So she uses straight talk to get what she wants: sex with no dating and just an occasional romp between the sheets at her convenience. Only Cade refuses to play her game. She might have “bought” him at the auction, but what he proposes to pay off the obligation just might drive her insane. He wants eight dates, no kissing, and no sex. Could she survive what his imagination can dream up to do instead? Does she really want to survive or does she want to surrender to the first feelings she has had since her teenage years? Should she surrender, throwing her preconceived ideas to the wind?

Handsome, smart and charming, Cade Coleman has come to Gold Coast City Hospital to reinvent himself for the second time. Leaving his shameful past behind, he wanted to completely focus on his work, not dating. Until a gorgeous redheaded colleague “bought” him and gave him a required obligation to pay. Escaping from woman trouble behind in the states, he had learned that obligations were to be avoided as much as dating. So he is proposing a payment: eight dates, no kissing, no sex. Might have worked too, if the chemistry between them hadn't been so irresistible. Now he wonders. Can he survive eight dates with her unscathed or will they both “burn” in all the their sexual tension? And if he is honest, does he really want to?????

The subplots of intriguing medical problems and their solutions provided just the right background to this medical romance. Each character having to go into “work” mode while “personal” mode simmered under the surface made the story extremely enjoyable.

What a hot, sensual and exciting story!!! The heat scale to their encounters was definitely HOT! SEXY! And INTENSE! I don't think I will ever look at my kitchen the same way ever again. An excellent book with well developed characters creating a sizzling plot from the first page to the last. The words burned into my mind creating extremely hot dreams. Well done.

I would recommend to all romance readers who want a sizzling hot, romantic story.

I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.

5/5 stars Could they survive the heat?