Mile High by Sally Clements

Mile High

Reviewed by Desere 

Joining the mile high club is a fantasy on most adventurous people out there's list. But when you actually get the chance to join would you? Or will the courage simply jump off the left wing and pretend it was never on the plane to start with?

In the new read from the always super Sally Clements she tells the story of Cori and how she not only gets the chance to join in the mile high club but also the chance to really live it up in the arms of the funny, beyond gorgeous Kill Jackson, and no I did not misspell his name, gorgeous and a name to remember , both good signs that this is a hero that will not fade from your mind for quite awhile.

Only when the real reason for Kill's presence on the island is revealed there will be no more sweet chocolaty kisses to share instead the quickest way back to the plane will be all that is left to do, for once again Cori had been the idiot and lost a part of herself, only this time it hurt far worse than ever before.

This was a short read and I finished it in just over a hour, being short is not always great as you do feel like the real juice to the book is missing, but what the author did was she let it all fall into place and go from meet to in bed together so fast that it was as if true real life whirlwind romance was being played out, and the juice of the relationship in between not being all there was no major issue to me as reader.

I found both main characters totally awesome and I loved the fast pace of the read. I do realize that not all readers like the meets and falls into bed in less than five pages reads but prefer the more in depth reads, however every now and then I think it is important to find a read that will give that little bit of fast paced spice, just to remind you that in real life things do sometimes move fast and I mean really fast and it is not always the slow build to love blossoming, and yet it still lasts and is just as beautiful as the longest of love stories.

The author's writing is fun, exciting and super sexy ! I am taking away a message of sometimes we fall right into the slot of life we are meant to be, along the way heartache is a given but don't let that stop you from joining in on the best ride of your life, yes it might not work out but it also might, either way you can say "I took the flight, faced my fears and made it back home".

I highly recommend this read for any and all romance fans looking for a spicy, sexy hot summers afternoon read!

5/5 star review
" Reach for the stars for waiting at the top is the prize you have been seeking"