Hajar's Hidden Legacy by Maisey Yates

Review by TashNz
Hajar's Hidden Legacy
by Maisey Yates

A powerful and thought-provoking love story reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast.  An incredibly moving story about determined Katherine and the famed Beast/Sheikh of Hajar, Zahir, which was delightfully sprinkled through-out with Maisey Yate’s trademark wit and humor

Katherine literally rocks up to Zahir desk demanding he marry her.  Demanding she honor an age old agreement between her father and his.  Forget-about-it Zahir pretty much growls while trying to throw her out.  Katherine’s having none of it.  She’s here to save her country and the only way how is for Zahir to marry her.  Zahir demand she leaves but instead Katherine moves in.  Over time her persuasions and her reasons for the marriage have Zahir agreeing with her plan.

Sheikh Zahir is the only surviving member of a fatal attack on his family.  The mental effects of such a distressing experience have left Zahir a prisoner in his own palace.  His nickname is the Beast of Hajir because he is scarred.  Katherine is the light to Zahir’s dark.  He can’t understand why anyone would feel desire for him after the woman he loved left him, not able to handle the fall out from the attack. Katherine naturally shows kindness to people but there’s something about Zahir that makes her look twice at him and as she gets to know him her desire turns to love.

The reasons I loved this story is because firstly Maisey Yates managed to make me fall in love with a scarred hero.  Zahir is the perfect Sheikh!  Maisey’s wit and humor ALWAYS has me giggling and I just love a lil go-getter who passionately goes after what she wants and bravely faces the wrath of the Sheikh. 

As an extra you'll find at the end an excerpt of A Hunger for the Forbidden... a book that I have only one word to describe: Perfection!  

Thank you TryHarlequin for the download.

4 Stars