Snowbound with the Billionaire by Jules Bennet

Snowbound with a Billionaire

Reviewed by Desere 

Being trapped with a sexy billionaire is not something that happens to a lot of woman but yes it is indeed something a lot of woman dream about!

But when that billionaire is your ex things can get super uncomfortable and is rather something you would want to avoid , especially if the attraction to him is harder to ignore than grabbing that slice of pie you know you shouldn't !

In the new Jules Bennet book this not only exactly what happens to Raine but she has a whole lot more at stake that she is willing to reveal. Only Max is out for revenge and that revenge includes getting the answers he needs in order to move on. But when secrets are revealed this reunion becomes more complicated then trying to get out after being buried under snow!

I adore the books this author writes, her characters are always extremely life like and so vividly described it truly feels as if they are in front of me and I can reach out grab them and slap some sense into their complicated lives.

This book was no exception, Jules Bennet took me on a journey of secrets, passion and love being found at the right moment in time all captured with stunning detail.

If you are looking for romance with a capital R, blazing red hot passion, secrets that can destroy lives or even change them for the better this read is as good as it gets!

Definitely the book to keep an out for, best sellers list watch out Jules Bennet is on your tail!

5/5 star review
"Only secrets will reveal their true feelings" 

**Copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review