In the Blink of an Eye by Lynne Marshall


America's traditional time to give thanks is at Thanksgiving.  Here in New Zealand I and most other Kiwis take time to pause and give thanks at Christmas.  So I was sitting here thinking OMG Christmas is upon us already.  I started reflecting about the the last year; I've been so privileged and thankful to be exposed to and to have read such a huge variety of books in the Romance genre written by many fabulous authors that I'd previously not have been so quick to pick up and I came to  realise it's an absolute skill to be able to draw a reader in, make the reader understand characters, develop plot, reach a satisfying conclusion and make the reader feel deep emotion in just 29 pages!

Lynne Marshall's In the Blink of an Eye  is a short story which is, well, short.  Three chapters to be precise.  In those three chapters we meet Dr Ellen Deeds who's an ER Dr, along side her ex husband Dr Adam Deeds.  Unhappily divorced... For the first time in a year they're working the same shift. At the end of the demanding shift Ellen and Adam let their guards down which results in a phenomenal time in the on-call room.  Now this is the magic... somehow in three short chapters this happens, as well as Adam deciding he's going to go in guns blazing to try win his wife back, a near tragedy happens, a scene in the emergency room happens, we meet the Dr's lil girl, Ellen's feelings are quite clearly made and if you thought that was all... there's still room for a surprising twist.  It was a real surprise to me and yet there's still room for more.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm blown away with what would normally take a complete book to tell Adam and Ellen's story, took Lynne Marshall three chapters and that over the year, as I sit here reflecting, I realise it's an absolute skill to do this.  I had all the emotions in three chapters that I would normally feel in a full length novel... I was happy, concerned, worried, overjoyed, sad, ecstatic, excited, touched, teary eyed and I smiled.

I recommend In the Blink of an Eye to any novella fans, short story fans, Lynne Marshall fans, medical romance fans and anyone looking for a quick read, for 0.98c at Amazon you cant really go wrong, trust me, you'll have it read...wait for it... in the blink of an eye ;)

Reviewed by Desere

A very short read but with a very extremely powerful message about life lessons!

Three years ago a tragedy changed the lives of Ellen and Adam. Their once happy marriage spiralled down the deep dark hole of depression, anger, hurt and even addiction.

Thinking there is nothing left and forgiveness is the last thing on her list for anything related to her husband, she kicks him out, heaven knows the man won't leave on his own.

But once he's gone she realizes how much she misses him, but reminds herself she needs to strengthen her resolved and move on. Until one day at work a sexual encounter with Adam let's her just momentary forget how badly he destroyed their lives. Afterwards Adam asks the one thing of her she cannot possibly give, so she walks away. Then the unthinkable happens and she realizes just how wrong she was.

This was as mentioned a very short read, coming in at only three chapters, it took only twenty minutes to read, but it was the most intense twenty minutes of my day! The read was so emotionally powerful it completely blew me away with each and every word!

The author really made sure to take a quick story and give it all the heat and drama of a full length read. The characters are ones you cannot help feel sorry for and yes I cried right along with them both.

But it also made me stop to think what exactly it is I would do if I were in the heroine's situation. I certainly would not blame her for her reaction as each and every person handles a tragedy or life changing event differently and I also would not think Adam's actions strange.

I loved the message of this read! Never think it will never happen to you, and never forget that forgiving is the only form of healing that will truly matter for without it life will never be as it use to be, and anyone can make a mistake. Never only focus on your own pain. if you look at the other person involved long enough you will notice just how it has changed their lives too.

I highly recommend this read for fans of Lynne Marshall books! The author has once again shown just why her stories are so highly addictive even with a short read she still manges to pack one heck of an emotional punch, and left me completely in awe of her writing skills, most full length reads do not even always manage it so really truly stunning brilliant work Lynne!

5/5 star review
" If she blinks, she'll lose him too!" 


Reviewed by Maria

A heart-rending yet totally compulsive read which really should strike terror into the heart of any caring parent, particularly a parent or grandparent of young ‘uns.  When I got a sense of what the book was about, my heart ached for Ellen, yet I was totally unable to leave the book until I reached the cathartic conclusion.  The ending was totally satisfactory and left me with a sense of completion.  No, we don’t live in a perfect world, but when the healing power of love does its unique work, there is some redemption available, some salvaging of  healing out of heartbreak.  That sense of overcoming heartbreak is at the heart of all good romance fiction.

Ellen’s unable to forgive her spouse because he made one little mistake which brought tragedy into their marriage.  She still loves and needs him, but try as she might, she’s unable to forgive and forget.  Then one day, in the blink of an eye, something happens which changes her outlook completely.

Recommended for readers of quality romance fiction.  Or just quality fiction.