The Flaw in His Diamond by Susan Stephens ~~Book Two :The Skavanga Diamonds Series

Reviewed by Desere

Somewhere along the line all woman have come across the type of men that think they are God's gift to woman, every single delicious inch a badboy.

They strut around thinking they own the world, and of course all they need to do is look at any female they want and she will immediately see how quick she can strip and jump in bed with him.

The hero, Roman Quisvada , from the new Susan Stephens read is exactly like this, however as we all know it takes the love of the right woman to tame a badboy. The woman to seduce his mind and claim his soul is hell cat and all spitting fire Eva Skavanga.

On a mission to prove a point and safe her town's number one source of income she sets out to take him on face to face, after all he has been avoiding her calls for months so she does not have any other option left.

But arriving on his island and stepping into a head to head battle with the one man that makes her body burn hotter than the desert sun , is not as easy as she thought. For once in her life she wants to be the wanted, desired, treasured woman she has always craved but never dared, because to beat the men you need to be one of them, but to beat this man she needs to let her mask drop and that will never do.

The character of Eva was a truly phenomenal character. She had so much fire and guts I just wanted to hug her and congratulate her on being one heck of an amazing woman! She stood up for what she believed in, she fought when you would expect other woman to not fight. And she gave as good as she got each and every time Roman takes her on. Yes, she does have a few hangup's but which woman doesn't ! Through this character the author showed that when you are truly passionate about something there is nothing that will stand in your way.

The character of in-my-arms-you-will-find-pleasure-but-only-when-you-are-ready Roman was of course all kinds of tempting deliciousness, but as mentioned so sure of himself when it comes to bedding Eva that yes most woman would think him a true bastard and rather walk away. However as I read on I discovered the reason for his 'what I see I get' attitude. Through this character the author showed just how influential our background and earlier years in life can be, and just how much you can discover when chipping away at someone's defenses.

The backdrop settings and dialogue was pure sexy! From the very romantic city of Rome to the words of fire and ice, it all blended to perfection. I am taking away a message of we all hide our secrets for fear of being walked over and left to try and survive. But whilst hiding behind our masks of insecurities, hurt, anger and pain we miss out on the true person we are meant to be, never hide always be just you for no matter what someone out there is going to want you for you and not for who you pretend to be.

I highly recommend this read for all Susan Stephens fans! The author always delivers fun, feisty, out there sexy romances reads and this time was no different. I am eagerly awaiting book three from this series to read just how hot and sexy Leila and Raffa 's journey will be!

5/5 Star Review
" Even diamonds are as cold as ice, until their beauty is unleashed "