The Group Seduction by Wendy S. Marcus

 The Group Seduction

Reviewed by Desere 

Every long time married couple knows that at some point the time will come when there is simply no time for sex and even when the kids are in bed, and chore lists done exhaustion will invade any sexy actions.

In the new Wendy S. Marcus read this is the focus and the journey of a woman set on breaking the no sex and a little less stress rut she has become stuck in.

Annabella is tired of always getting up before everyone else in her household , making sure everything is done on time and juggling work in between.

She would love some help from her husband Jack. But even more than a little help she needs some serious TLC in the bedroom.

Her plan of action is to round up her four best friends who pretty much has the same problem and together they will seduce their men. One room. one night, four couples and a whole lot of sexy underwear.

Now as dark as that sounds believe me it is not, I mean who really wants to read about four couples getting down and dirty in front of each other?

So yes, at first I was a little skeptical about reading this one but reminded myself that the author's previous books have been nothing but pure magic so why not!

I was very pleasantly surprised as I discovered the author taking the very dirty sounding group orgy and turning it into the focus of four couples finding each other again, without any uncomfortable group sex scenes.

A gorgeous little read about how the daily lives of married couples can become so routine that not spicing it up will end in divorce.

I am taking away a message that will certainly remain in my memory forever, even be cracked out into the open one day should I face the same problems, never jump to conclusions and never forget that one person cannot do it all alone. A marriage means you are in it together and you both have your own set of game plan to play.

I recommend this book for any fan of reading. It gives a powerful message and was really well played out by the author.

5/5 Star review
" Forget poker night, it's time for the game of seduction"