Montana Christmas by Soraya Lane

Montana Christmas (Montana, #3)

Reviewed by Desere 

Finding a stranded woman and her daughter on the side of the road and giving them shelter against the storm, then ending up falling in love with both mom and adorable daughter is not what Blake Jones had on his Christmas wishlist this year.

It is however exactly what he ends up with, the catch? His object of affection, Jasmine is not so sure she wants to stick around for the ride.

So of course Blake's only hope is to seduce her into staying , if it will work is a whole other ball game for Jasmine has had her fair share of heartache and there is her innocent little daughter to think about too.

This was book three from Soraya Lane's Montana series and I could not be more delighted with it all! The book was sweet, sensual and just perfect Christmas romance material.

Main characters were as in the previous two books well developed and nicely rounded off with vivid descriptions of backdrops and a really emotionally sweet dialogue.

I am taking away a message of life can give us some very serious hurtful relationships and some of us are never able to fully pick up the pieces and move on, yet you need to remember that the hurt is what makes us stronger and will help us to stand strong and fight when the real deal is right in front of you. And never forget that even the wildest of men can be tamed !

I recommend this read for all lovers of Christmas romance reads! Sweet, sensual and heartwarming.

5 star review
" All they need for Christmas is each other" 

**Copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review

Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

Who would have thought that a downed fence in the middle of a snowstorm would provide his future in the form of a gorgeous woman and her precious daughter? Blake certainly didn't.

Stranded in her car in a ditch wasn't exactly the way Jasmine expected this trip to end up, but this wicked snowstorm had thrown her there. After years away, estranged from her parents, she had hoped this Christmas Eve to have a tentative reunion and repair some of the hard feelings between them. What better time of the year to introduce them to the granddaughter they had never meet. But stuck here, all she could pray for was someone to rescue them. When the tapping started on the window, intense blue eyes stared back at her making her wonder if this could be a blessing in disguise...a rescuer and a personal gift . Never did she think her future might be tapping on her car's window. Having been let down so harshly in the past, she had always guarded herself because she never wanted to put herself or her daughter in that position again, but those intense blue eyes and dark brown hair certainly were mesmerizing. Was she finally on the “good girls” list this year? After all, it was Christmas Eve. Had Santa just delivered her the perfect man for Christmas? Could she trust her heart falling for him that fast?

Snowbound at home on Christmas Eve with a gorgeous woman and her daughter wasn't the plan when Blake started his chores this morning, but he loved the way this change of plans was working out. Spotting her car where it had slid into the ditch on his way back home after repairing the fence, his moral compass couldn't let her stay there to freeze. Taking them to his home, he was surprised at how much he enjoyed having the beautiful woman and her lovely daughter around. Swept off his feet by feelings he had never figured on, he wanted to continue to develop the relationship. He hadn't figured on having a companion in his life so soon, but she fit all the criteria his dad had told him to look for in “the one”. Could she possibly feel the same way? Would she be willing to take a chance at love?

Soraya Lane has written another wonderful story with well developed characters showing there is always a chance at love. Characters from the first two were revisited or mentioned again. Sweet engaging story from beginning to end.

I would recommend to all romance readers.

I received a copy from the author for an honest review.

4/5 stars Love can come visiting even in the middle of a snowstorm.