Montana Homecoming by Soraya Lane

 Montana Homecoming (Montana, #2)

Reviewed by Desere 

Losing a parent is never easy, so when Amanda returns home for her father's funeral the last thing she needs is to fall head over heals for the town's bad-boy.

Yet this is exactly what she does, but with a twist. She wants to be the bad,wild reckless woman for just once and who better to have as her once in a lifetime good girl gone wild 'object' than the town's bad-boy Scott.

Only Scott is no longer the bad-boy he use to be, gone are the long hot passionate nights of meaningless sex with strange woman and in it's place is a kind , caring once in a lifetime kind of guy.

He has always wanted Amanda but instead heeded the warning from his best friend, who just happens to be Amanda's brother.

But which man in his right mind is going to be able to resist the woman of his dreams when she is all over you asking you to take her to bed for a few nights?  But when the hot, sexy nights are done will Scott be able to convince Amanda he is no longer one night stand material but the stay with me forever kind?

I loved this story to bits! Yes the "Don't go near my sister!" has been done before but what I liked is that the author looked at it from a different angle by incorporating the heroine's feelings of pain and loss. We all know that when we are in pain over the loss of a loved one we are more likely to do something out of character and this is exactly what Amanda does, this link back to real life was really great and I loved reading it play out.

Both main characters were well written and the author did a fantastic job at giving me an in depth look into their lives and how they become linked as one.

Backdrop settings and dialogue was well incorporated and had a great home-made touch to it. I am taking away the message of, it hurt's like crazy when we lose someone close to us, and no one will blame you for acting out of sorts, you are after all only human.

But when you are all done acting out of character you need to take a moment to take a look at what it is you have done to those around you whilst you were living out the new you. If you don't then you might miss the most valuable life lesson of your life.

And most importantly never judge someone based on their past, everyone deserves a second chance and anyone can change.

I recommend this read for all readers who love Soraya 's books. She always manages to deliver sweet, sensual and heart-stopping romance, and this read was no exception.

4.5 star review
" She wants him to her bad-boy, but he needs to be her everything good" 

**Copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review 


Reviewed By Shirley Buchanan

Having to bury a loved one has a way of making you look at what you really want to do in your own life. Do you want to change the way things are? Are you happy to keep everything the same? For Amanda, the question she most wanted to answer was did she want to be a bad girl for once, instead of the good girl she had always been. And she definitely knew the one she wanted to be bad with...the hot, sexy, bad guy on the motorcycle picking her up from the airport. In her teens, she had a massive crush on Mr. “Bad Guy”Scott and now that she is a fully grown woman, she was finally going to act on it, regardless of what anybody said. Maybe a hot little affair before she went back to New York would give her back her creativity for the upcoming exhibition. She only had two questions to ask herself. Having wanted him for so long,would she be able to survive a casual no-strings fling? And could she leave at the end of her stay with her heart intact or would she leave a giant part behind?

Years ago, Scott had been warned off his best friend's sister and other than a stolen kiss, he had listened. Leaving the ranch after an ultimatum from his father, he had settled half the world away. While making his fortune, he had known various women and keep his same philosophy until the last few years. More mature now, he was no longer the bad boy who “loved them and left them”. These days he was looking for a relationship, but only the one woman he had never been able to forget would do. The one he had always wanted...Amanda. Could he change her mind to see him as the staying kind or was a “no strings”affair all she would take? If he did put his heart on the line, would she love him back? Or when she left would she tear a big chunk out of it and take it with her?

Soraya Lane has written a wonderful story in Montana Homecoming, the second book in her Montana series, about love surviving years apart. Excellent characters developed a well thought out plot. All the members from both families who appeared in the first book were revisited. It was fun to catch up with all the changes that have gone on. I really enjoy books that follow a family as their family dynamics change.

I would recommend this book to all romance readers.

I received a copy from the author for an honest review.

4/5 stars              Could love succeed the second time around?