An Exquisite Challenge by Jennifer Hayward

Reviewed by Desere

All of us have a fighting spirit within us, not all of us unleash it on a daily basis and sometimes it takes a serious push to get it out into the open and on a mission to win.

But when unleashed it can sometimes have such serious consequences that we wish we never stepped up to the plate in the first place, basically "You should have kept your big mouth shut".  As is the case for the heroine, Alexandra in the new Jennifer Hayward read.

Alexandra 's business is in a hot spot and needs a new big time company linked to their client list in order to step out of the fire pit.

The client comes in the form of too hot to handle Gabe De Campo, not only does his good looks make her knees go weak but he is also the one man that has manged to bring her temper to the bubbling point of no return on numerous occasions.

But Alexandra never misses a challenge and she goes all out to secure the client of the year, only when she gets to deal with Gabe up close and personal does she realize this man is the one and only that can strip her bare of all her defenses and with this realization comes the knowledge that her past is either about to set her free or ruin them both.

The character of Alexandra was too amazing for words, I really admired her from the first introduction. She was strong and courageous ready to face whatever comes her way, all the while knowing it could all be ruined in a heartbeat. Yet, she pushes forward with a open minded attitude whilst still fighting off the demons of the past. It showed her as many of us are when faced with a challenge in life, unleashing whatever you need to in order to win yet still holding back a little just to make sure you are not too exposed to lose it all, but along the way finding yourself exposed when least expecting it.

The character of Gabe was all kinds of delicious take-me-am-yours-to-do-with-as-you-please awesomeness! Arrogant enough that all you want to do is give him a good shake up-wake-up slap, but also kind and caring enough to let you know this man is all in on the protecting you at all costs once he gets his hooks into you, the prefect combination for hero material.

The conflict in this book was super hot, it had me on the edge of my seat to make sure I do not miss a word and drama! I actually more than once found myself yelling out loud "  That's it, stand up and fight dig until you both get hit with the realization of what is right in front of you!".

Backdrop settings and dialogue for this book could not have been more spectacular or perfect, it all blended into total perfection. The glitz, the glam and the pure sensuality of the wine industry was exquisitely brought to life, absolute pure brilliance Jennifer!

The message from this read was loud and clear, the past can be a real pain to deal with, but when it threatens to destroy your future there really is no point but to step up the challenge of letting it all out in order to get what you never knew you needed.

I highly recommend this book was each and every single romance fan out there! This read is filled with sensual, sexual, romantic and emotional brilliance!

Saying I can wait to see what this author offers up next would be telling the lie of the century, this is Jennifer Hayward we're talking about and I am positive she will have me pulling my hair out with the wait so all I will say is Jennifer get back to work as in NOW!

5/5 Star review
" Together they discover the angles nectar is within each other's arms" 

**Copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review