The Truth about De Campo by Jennifer Hayward

The Truth About De Campo (The Delicious De Campos, #3)

Reviewed by Desere

For anyone that has been following the amazing life of the De Campo brothers, you will all agree with me that the story of Matty is the one we have all been holding out breaths for.

In the first two books we caught glimpses of the bad-boy and his wild ways, and with each appearance I was more intrigued and fell harder under the spell of wanting to know just what and who Matty really is.

In this the final installment to one of the best trilogies ever, I finally got to see, hear and experience the full Matty effect.

Matty is the wildcard of the family, partying it up, a different woman gracing his bed every night a playboy through and through. He is also one tough negotiator when it comes to business. But his legendary focus has dropped in the past and it cost him and his family dearly.

A second chance lands in his lap when he gets to negotiate the deal of the century, it will put his family's business on top, and restore their faith in him, all he has to do is close the deal and under no circumstances sleep with the client, should be easy right?

Enter Quinn Davies, she' s a hardcore business woman and will never allow the take me to the heights of heaven and back again good looks of badboy Matty to influence her decisions. But Matty sees right through her, and soon all she wants is to forget about the deal and throw herself into his arms, but at the risk of losing her heart to the ultimate love 'em and leave 'em man, never! Her heart has already been broken and she does not need to have it completely shattered beyond repair.

The character of Quinn was really awesome, this woman has always been the one to be left behind and figure out a way to get done what needs to be done on her own, time after time. She pushes each and every button she knows in order to make it happen at which ever cost. When the author revealed Quinn's own private nightmare from hell past I immediately snapped just exactly why she pushes so hard to make everything she touches turn to a deal of perfection. Through this character the author showed that no matter how hard we try to get away from the past it will always be there, the trick is to deal with it not push it away by substituting it with something else. Not dealt with will eventually come back to knock you down when you least expect it, and by then it might be too late to fully recover from it.

The character of Matty, my little honey of a wild badboy, he was the absolute perfection of a badboy getting back onto the right path. His insights into life and what everyone around him should be doing, were truly insightful yet also frustrating as he does not take his own advise. Which if we stop to think about it is pretty much the same as we all do, we give the answers to everyone's problems and we see the person take flight in the right direction because of our advise, but when it comes to the crunch we would rather avoid our own advise and just carry on thinking we can do this our own way. The author re-shaping Matty into the perfect listen to your heart hero, was absolute perfection. And so not to spoil it for everyone, I will only add that the deep, dark secret our little Matty hides underneath the good looks, will let your heart break and just like me you will be sobbing your heart out.

I am taking away a message of life has a way of shaping us through mistakes, we need to learn from them and not keep it against ourselves, if we do then it is just as good as getting up every morning following the same routine and never getting to that crazy, wild side of life moment none of our souls can do without.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series for all fans of romance. This book was the stunning finale to a family I have fallen in love with over and over again over the past few months.The author whisked me off to far away lands, stunning romance blossoming and the lives of three brothers each meeting the women that brings them to their knees, and for the first time in my life I am sad to see the family of a trilogy go, the De Campo's will forever remain in my heart.

5/5 Star review
" The badboy is about reveal his final act of a life on the wildside" 

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