Better as a memory by Marilyn Baxter

Marilyn Baxter's Better as a Memory

Reviewed by Desere

Once upon a time life could not have been more perfect for Victoria. She had a gorgeous boyfriend that happened to also be amazing in bed. They were in love and talking about a future together. Then she gets a Dear Tori email from him and he's gone from her life.

But that was a long time ago and now she's a successful business owner, well more or less, she needs the exclusive Max Brown contract to get back on her feet.

But she also knows that she's either going to lose her cool and kill the man on the spot for walking away from her all those years ago or grab him and kiss him senseless because she pretty much never could resist him.

Channeling every inch of control possible she takes on their first meeting with as much dignity and balance as she can muster, only to be knocked for a six when Max wants to strip her naked and remind her why they were so good together. Does she have the strength to resit Mr Baby Blues or will she once again crumble?

This was a really nice short and sweet read about second chances. I liked how the author only slightly dipped into the past of both characters instead of coming right out and spilling it all at once, it happens so many times in short reads and it's then and there that the past-mystery element is totally killed off and the books pretty much lose the intrigue, so nicely done Marilyn!

The characters were well written and the story line very enjoyable. Max yes was a real jerk for walking away from Victoria and as much as I wanted to be on her side I started leaning more towards Max's line of thinking as the read took shape. Through this character the author showed how our "only created in our minds" demons can send us on paths we think we should be taking and leave behind a bigger mess than what we thought it was in the first place.

I very much enjoyed the character of Victoria , feisty one minute and very lost and confused the next, pretty much just the way we woman are! Through the character of Victoria the author reminded me of a saying I have heard from my mother many, many times before. You might think you're not strong enough to handle what life throws your way, but you are, you just need to find your inner strength and push forward, in the end it will all be worth it.

I highly recommend this read for all readers that love a sweet, hot and sexy little second chances read.
4.5 star review
" Falling in love on memory lane"