Gambling with the Crown by Lynn Raye Harris

Gambling with the Crown (Heirs to the Throne of Kyr)

Reviewed by Desere

For Emily life is as full of excitement as can be, she have every woman's dream job. Assistant to Sheikh Kadir,she does exactly as he says whenever he says it, notes, coffee, meetings , buying gifts for his countess lovers,  he requests and she does. Okay so I lied it's so not the dream job of any woman but working for a hot looking Sheikh counts.

But Emily's life is quickly turned upside down when Kadir makes the request of a life time by suggesting she marries him in order to help him get rid of being King to a kingdom he never ever wanted and will never want.

Once the leaders sees his not so suited wife they will give the thrown to his brother and he can divorce Emily and go back to being the womanizing player he has always been.  But when their union is sealed with a scorching hot kiss Kadir craves more and soon he needs to chose between playing or being played.

If you are reluctant to read books about Sheikh's as I use to be I will tell you that when you need a perfect Sheikh read and you see the name Lynn Raye Harris you are definitely in for an exquisite read. She is one of those author's that when you see her books you automatically buy not even checking the back.

So of course I could not get my hands on a copy of Gambling with the crown quick enough. The read was all kinds of super perfection.

I loved, loved the chemistry between Kadir and Emily, the heat, the passion and the intense buildup to romance taking form. Kadir and Emily were both well written in that stunning make me swoon and dream about being the heroine way that Lynn Raye Harris does so very well.

The read was emotional and sensual, kind, sweet and a perfect example of a good afternoon romance read. Through the characters I learned that we all think we know what in life it is we need or want but when it's staring us in the face it's the time when we are most blinded. Open your heart to the voices trying to tell you when  you've reached that sweet spot instead of ignoring it and carrying on as per usual.

5 star review
" He gambles with the crown, she gambles with her heart"