The Chatsfield Book Three : Socialite's Gamble by Michelle Condor

Reviewed by Desere

Cara Chatsfield has always been just herself, or at least that's what the outside world thinks. They see a beautiful woman, who likes to party hard, cause scandal and just generally waste her life away.

The truth is she's been hurt so badly in the past that she has a daily ritual of channeling a different famous person every day in order to just get through the day. So when she is sent to play hostess at her father's hotel for the poker match of the century she is armed with as much determination as she can channel, and a dash of hope to find as little trouble as possible, the last thing she needs is to be part of another Cara-Scandal.

What she finds is Aiden Kelly, gorgeous, rich, powerful, completely irresistible, and definitely the kind of man she needs to avoid. But before she has the chance she becomes part of the poker game in every sense of the word when she's laid down as the prize to the winner himself. Aiden's plan is a simple one,  he's won her, he'll have her and then be done with her, no harm, no foul, just sex right?

This is the first time I have read a book by this author but I can assure you it will for certain not be the last. The book was fast paced, emotionally packed, sinfully sexy and just perfect in every single way.

I could not get enough of the sexual conflict between Aiden and Cara, the buildup to the explosions of lust were so hot it was as if I could see the flames licking out from the pages.

The character of Aiden was in the start a true and perfect ass, hot very, very hot but still the type any woman would want to smash under her designer heals. The author did slowly and surely let the reasoning behind his actions become clear of course and what I found was a message of revenge is a truly ugly creation in one's mind. It consumes every part of your soul, and in the end it's all you can see.

The character of Cara was an absolute delight. She had fire and spunk even though she has been through so much hurt. I could fully get why she goes into hiding behind different masks each day. The author letting Aiden be the one to bring her out of the ' am not me today' shell showed just how badly we all need that one special person to bring out the real us.

The backdrop settings screamed sexy and the dialogue was full of fire and emotion. I am taking away a message of we all have a past, we have all done things we would rather like to keep secret, and we all have a family that is far from perfect. But to blame ourselves for our past failures won't get you anywhere, stand proud and tall, face the insults head on. In the end people will see you for you and remember the real you as oppose to some carefully crafted version of the person you never truly were.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of passionate, fast moving, sexy romance reads.

5/5 star review
" They gamble, cause scandal and gain the ultimate win"