A matter of Trust by Dilys J. Carnie

Reviewed by Desere

No woman in the world needs to ever go through the hell of of being raped. It has destroyed too many lives and learning or trying to live with what has happened is as good as torture. But sometimes the learning to trust again and be openly able to have a sexual relationship again is worse then trying to get use to not looking over your shoulder and jump at the most silent of sounds.

In the new read from Dilys J Carnie we meet Lilly. Raped by a lower than low piece of human scum, she has learned to try and live her life as best she can. But getting close to any man is a no go, there is simply never enough to convince her to trust and as for being touched that just brings back the fear worse then before.

Until she meets Tyler, he bumps into the back of her car with his motor bike and sparks start to fly. Tyler feels a overwhelming need to protect Lilly, he has no idea where the need is coming from but he'll go with it and see what happens.

But getting Lilly to trust him enough to tell him about her past is one of the toughest missions of his life.And letter him touch her only sends his blood boiling and his heart racing, and it sends Lilly running for the hills because her past has come back and this time he won't just use her for sex he'll kill her to make sure she never speaks of his devious acts ever again. Will Tyler get to her in time or will he be laying her down in the ground ?

This is the fourth book from the Fitzgerald brothers series and I have been waiting a long time to read it. I was once again transported back into the lives of this family and the trouble they need to face.

I was genuinely overjoyed to finally get into the mind of Tyler, this man is all kinds of sweet and kind that you just know looking at him will send all your senses on a roller coaster of the melt my heart kind. He is the kind of hero that know does not understand why he does the things he does, but he does it anyways because he knows there is a meaning behind it. So many hero's from books feel the need to protect a woman but would rather push the feeling away and carry on with life. But Tyler rides out the feeling and the end results was simply magic! Through this character the author showed that following our instincts is sometimes the very best thing we can do in a situation that we don't understand. It might now always work out but in the end you will know you did your part.

The character of Lilly totally broke my heart, I cried for this woman so badly, over and over ! Every time she takes herself back to the past was like watching a child fall, I wanted to pick her up and tell her to let go of the past and the hurt and the fear and try again. Or course it is so much easier if you have never been through any of it, you can simply tell the person to get up and no worry, but nothing you say will ever truly get through to the person because they simply need to find the strength and courage to get up and move on. Through this character the author showed that there is truly no one that can help you overcome a rape, no therapist 's nice words or advice will do the trick, you need to be able to find your inner self again and only then can you move forward.

The author crafted a stunning story of two people meeting and each one showing the other one that being together is the only way they can build a future that involves a little understanding and a whole lot of love can cure anything once you let the person actually show their love.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance with amazing twists and turns.  The author has once again captured my heart and sent my soul soaring on the wings of love! The entire series is one that is filled with endless, wonderful life lessons that will not only show you that everything in life happens for a reason but will stay with you for the rest of your life. I so very much look forward to the next read from this author, I cannot wait to escape back into the world of Dilys J Carnie.

5/5 star review
" He bumps her right back into reality, the question is will she be able to live through it?"