The Tycoon and the Wedding Planner by Kandy Shepherd

Reviewed by Desere

A very long time ago I remember watching a series on television where one wedding led to another wedding and that led to yet another wedding, and I remember thinking I wish someone would incorporate the idea into a romance book, for reading is so much better than watching it play out on television!

Author Kandy Shepherd has done it, and I could not have been more thrilled when I got this gem of a read in my very happy hands.

The read tells of Kate Parker, she distracts herself from memories by keeping busy, so she organizes weddings for the happy couples of Dolphin Bay. But tall, dark and totally gorgeous tycoon Sam Lancaster 's arrival sends her into such a fit of flutter she forget's where she left the confetti, the man does more of a number on her senses than a knock over the head!

Sam however is mysterious and this of course as all us woman know makes the man even more sexy than other's who are open about everything, so it just confuses Kate even more. Him sticking around a little longer than it will take to cut the cake just makes things even worse for poor Kate. The man makes her heart soar one minute and all she wants to do is fall into his arms and the next his overseeing her building project makes her blood boil, well just a little.

Neither Kate nor Sam has the time or inclination for distractions, planning weddings is what Kate does best and being distracted will only cause trouble and as for Sam he needs to focus on getting the job done, and Kate and her sweet smile will certainly not help his case, he needs to get the job done and get going !

I loved, loved LOVED this book from start to finish. It had so much wonderful emotion it sent my heart souring into the clouds and I did not want to come back down! I loved the feisty-ness of the heroine, trying to keep it together and refusing to let your life fall apart is never an easy task, yet this heroine made it look and sound easy but at the same time the author let the element of fear and doubt shimmer through to remind me that it is easy to put on a brave face but deep down you are falling to pieces.

The character of Sam was so delicious the man made my toes curl , but one minute I wanted to hug him and the next I wanted to strangle him. This however just showed that it is pretty much the same for everyone every time we need to make big decisions. Our emotions are all over the place, we want to do the right thing and be seen as a kind person who everyone wants to hug and congratulate, but we also know that the other option is sometimes the best to do and no matter what we try it will result in someone wanting to strangle us.

The read was filled with many wonderful moments of sweetness, the kind that makes you wish you could climb inside the book and stay there in order to live the lives of the characters. Passion, gentleness and understanding shone through in this read so beautifully it brought me to tears, excellent job Kandy!

I am taking away a message of life has a way of bringing someone of a problem of some sort into our lives for a reason, you might be thinking " I don't need this now" and that's okay it's a natural reaction. But if the problem of person does not go away it 's a clear cut sign that life is trying to let you know this is something you need to act on. So don't hold back, take the step and try to see the light.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance. It was sweet, kind, sensual and filled with a stunning set of characters in a beautifully crafted plot that will have you falling in love over and over again. This author has once again shown me that the brighter side of life can be found at the most unexpected of times.

5/5 star review
" Happiness comes riding into town, but will it stick around for the long run or head out faster then it arrived?"