Hot Package by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Package
ReviewLynn Raye Harris
Review by TashNz

Book Three from Lynn Raye Harris's HOT series

HOT PACKAGE well heeellllo - indeedy doody - holey guacomole! Hot indeed!

There was a hot package in the way of a CD that Olivia knew was not good and it possibly held the top secret details of espionage so she took it to the only person she could trust - Billy Blake... new team member of HOT and under the command of Matt. Only problem is is that Billy was going out with Olivia 6 months ago for 6 months before she ran out an left him. Olivia couldnt handle the constant absences that came with Billy's job and asked him to choose. He didnt choose HOT, he said they'd talk but when he got back she'd gone.

This story is a lil heart wrenching because Billy's clearly been hurt and his pain is clearly detailed. His inner battle with what he wants to do with and to Olivia is also simmering.

Soon it's clear Olivia has uncovered something she shouldnt have and her life is in clear danger. Hiding out at Billy's at Christmas poses more problems than one, especially memories of last Christmas Eve. Billy is an IT Geek and with his skills and the team behind him they start to uncover the secrets but it's all on when both are kidnapped.

I'm again amazed at the amount of information packed into a novella, I feel like I've read an entire full length novel.

I loved Billy, who I think is the 2nd Hot Package, he's the new kid on the block in the team and finding his way there but as a person he's all heart (and muscle) and he's 100% in love with Olivia and he wears his heart on his sleeve. I loved the action and I loved the plot.

I purchased the Box Set of the first three and it's still an amazing price at Amazon  0.98c.  Buy here.  I also need to say that I had this box set on my Kindle for quite a few months before I finally sat down to read it and I have to say, now that I have, the best I can describe this is as: you know when you've had a book sitting to be read for ages and when you finally do you kick yourself for not reading it sooner?  This is how I feel about the first three stories and I can not wait to read Kev's story next.  At time of writing this I think there's two more out.