Fifth Avenue Series Book 1: Avenge me by Maisey Yates

Reviewed by Desere

This is book one from the new Fifth Avenue series and tells of Austin Treffen  He was born into a world of privilege, you know the never want for anything kind, but behind the gilded doors lies corruption so sordid New York's elite would never believe it!

Especially because his infamous philanthropic father lies at it's core. With everything he believed in shattered into a million pieces how is Austin meant to take down his father, risking the family name and those he loves , when he has no proof?

That all changes when one earth shattering night with Katy Michaels unlocks not only the deepest, most passionate desires but also the key to bringing Jason Treffen's reign to an end. Only with the intense sexual attraction that combines a heady mix of exquisite pleasure and sublime pain it comes down to them either satiating their thirst for revenge and each other or losing themselves to a darkness there is no escaping from.

I have always been a huge fan of this author's books. The first book I read by her was brilliant and perfect in so many ways, but as she grew and wrote more and more her books started to take on a different feel. The sex scenes became more intense, the emotion so much deeper and the characters more dirty thus also more realistic.

This of course made me super happy because when I read a book it's that realistic this is real life feeling that makes me feel truly connected to the characters , and without it the reads are simply just a story to me, and let's face it there's no fun in that ! This author does it all perfectly!

In this read both main characters could not have been more real. They both deal with real issues, yes I know your most likely thinking Austin is a spoiled rich hunk what issues could he possibly have to deal with , a real
" Ag life is so hard! ".

But you could not be more wrong, Austin is rich and yes he is a hunk and yes he is spoiled but even the most spoiled ones out there can reach a point where life just doesn't seem so great or so perfect anymore. He 's had his share of a knock to the ground ten years ago, but he pushed past it and moved on. Only when he receives information that links his father to the death of a friend ten years ago does his life start to spiral out of control.

The read gets super interesting and super hot when it all comes into focus when Katy Michaels steps into his world and it turns out Katy is much closer to the tragedy from ten years ago then Austin at first thinks. The character of Katy was also just as Austin so realistic that her past when revealed sent actual shivers down my back. But if there is one thing this author's previous books have taught me it is that you always have to get back up and fight.

And this is exactly what this read comes down to. Austin and Katy can and do get down and dirty and yes in the very kinky and very erotic way, hey I did say it 's written by Maisey Yates and those who know her books knows the woman get down and dirty with a bang, so be warned if your not into the sub/dom world steer clear from this read. But in between the hot and very sweaty sex sessions there lies a story of making a choice. One can either take the revenge you so badly crave but what if you have your revenge and then still find yourself trapped in a world of darkness?

Will the revenge truly be worth it? No, of course it won't it never is , and the author brings home that message with utter perfection! I highly recommend this read for all fans of Maisey Yates books, just like her previous Harlequin Presents books you will be swept into a world of romance with spice and emotion and remarkably realistic characters and situations where people just as in real life try to back out, find a easy way out and even try to bring life back into focus by jumping the gun.

But the added fun of this read that makes it stand out from everything else she has written is the level of hotness and almost emotional detachment when it gets to those really dirty sex scenes. You can feel the characters growing nearer to the each other yet there is still this level of uncertainty that prevents the reader from wanting to start rooting for the hero and heroine to find a happy ending.

And in this lies the true talent of this author, she knows exactly how to get your attention, hold it to the point where you think you will go completely insane and then just as suddenly draws you back into her world letting you crave more and more of the magic where romance lives and it's a lot sexier and dirtier than you can ever imagine.

I look forward to the rest of this series and as always this author remains a auto buy on my list! Excellent work Maisey keep 'em coming !

5/5 star review
" The plan is a simple one of revenge, that is until the light stats to shine through threatening to erase the darkness of their souls"