Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Maybe This Christmas (O'Neil Brothers, #3)

Reviewed by Desere 

This is the final part to the amazing O'Neil brothers series by the always talented Sarah Morgan. This time we get to go inside the mind of Tyler and just why he won't get involved with his best friend Brenna!

Ex-skiing champion, reformed heartbreaker and single dad Tyler has one only mission this Christmas and that's to make sure his thirteen year old daughter, Jess, has the best Christmas ever. Then things get a little more complicated when his best friend Brenna has to temporarily move in with them.

She has been a distraction for as long as he can remember, but he has always kept his distance, because sex will complicate their friendship, and he'll be dammed if he messes up the only friend-relationship he still has left. So Brenna and her sexy ab's will just have to be kept out of his thoughts and out of his bed! Besides he doesn't do long term , ever!

Easier said then done, because Brenna, encouraged by her friends takes a leap of faith and in no uncertain terms makes sure Tyler knows she 's in love with him, she 's waited her whole life for him to see her as a woman and not just as one of the guys. But once they kiss the relationship shifts from friends to madly sexually addicted to each other, and Tyler is not the forever kind so is it actually worth it, or will Tyler make her dreams come true this Christmas?

I have been addicted to this series from book one and since I 'met' Tyler and Brenna in the first book I could not wait to dig into their happy ever after. From the first two books I could of course pick up that both Tyler and Brenna have some issues and the whole world can see they're in love with each other but keep holding back, this was delicious build up tension, but pure torture to wait , am so glad I finally got the lowdown !

Tyler has this sort of electric I'll make you mine with just a kiss feel to him which made him the sexiest brother by far. I adored how the author let him be this  intensely sexy man and he knows it ladies, he truly knows every woman wants him, but he stays gentle in so many other ways and does not let his sex on legs appeal get the better of him. He tries harder than most hero's to be a good father, he puts his foot in it quite a number of times but he tries so hard and it just made my heart melt and I loved him to bits! Through this character the author showed that there is always a different type of person underneath the layers we present to the world, never judge and never believe everything you hear, it hurts a person more than you will ever know.

The character of Brenna was fun, sweet, kind and just the type of heroine anyone will love. Her past is a terrible one, and made me stop and wish I could have been there to teach her how to fight back and stand up for herself. I simply loved how the author used Brenna 's friends to finally push her to fight for what she wants, it was like reading about a tiny puppy turning in to a fierce don't mess with me dog! Riveting ! Through this character the author showed that bottling up your feelings and anger never leads to anything good, the hurt festers and prevents us from becoming the people we are truly meant to be.

From this read am taking away a message of life throws us curveballs we never see coming, but what if we grab onto the curveball instead of dodging it? Will it work out, will it fail? No one knows but just maybe we will get what we want by grabbing hold of the curveball  that is the first step to making it happen.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance. The read was magical, sensual and so romantic you will forever believe in the power of love and the magic of Christmas after reading it!

5/5 star review
" One night leads to Christmas every day and an avalanche of emotions " 

Reviewed by Nas
 MAYBE THIS CHRISTMAS by author Sarah Morgan is a Harlequin release for September 2014.

This is Book three of the mini-series about the O’Neil brothers.

Tyler O’Neil had to quit racing professionally after an accident. But he was not too happy to lead a quite life at Snow Crystal, his family’s lodge. He missed the adrenalin of the races. But he now has his teenage daughter living with him and he loved having her with him.

Brenna Daniels had crushed on Tyler since she was a teen and had followed him around ever since. But Tyler just saw her as ‘one of the guys’ and a best friend. Now forced by circumstances they moved in together, could their friendship turn to something more?

MAYBE THIS CHRISTMAS is a heart-warming tale of best friends trying to keep their friendship intact while fighting their attraction for each other. I loved the interaction between Tyler and his daughter. The dialogue between them were pure gold. Author Sarah Morgan depicted realistically how a solo dad waded through the drama of bringing up a teen daughter. And the friendship Tyler and Brenna tried to keep intact by ignoring their scorching chemistry made this emotional saga a treat to read.