The O'Neil Brothers Series by Sarah Morgan

Series overview by Desere 

The O'Neil brothers series by Sarah Morgan tells of three brothers,. Each one has lost their way in life just a little, and are in desperate need of someone to bring them back down to earth. The author takes us on a magical journey as each brother finds the perfect woman to bring him to his knees. 

But don't this this is another of those filled with too many secrets and too many thrills and spills to count series. No, this series is pure romantic perfection , with magical and calming scenery, a family who you will fall in love with and wish to be apart of. 

From grandparents to mothers and fathers , to the staff you will fall deep into the life at Snow Crystal and just like me you will never want to leave! 

In the first book Sleigh Bells in the Snow we gorgeously delicious Jackson, the brother with the plan to save his family business from downfall. He calls in the help of Kayla, and soon falls for her head over heals. But Kayla doesn't believe in love and all that Christmas stuff, so convincing her will be fun but who says he will get her to believe or even stay with him? In this read I learned that the past can mess you up so bad, but only if you let it. If you take control you can live a very happy life. Holding onto the past and letting it control your actions in life only causes pain and emptiness, and in the end all you will be is a cold hearted block of ice. Seek your happiness instead of doing everything possible to keep the happiness away.

In the second book Suddenly Last Summer we meet sinfully sexy surgeon Sean, last summer he and head chef Elise , who last summer rocked his world during a night when neither one could control their attraction anymore. He wants her again but only in his bed, his life is too complicated to let sexy distractions such as Elise mess up what he has worked so hard for, so all this can be is some fun. But even if he does manage to make it all fit someone, Elise has her own set of rules and getting the feisty chef to fall at his feet is more tricky then surgery! From this read a message of sometimes in life we need to step back into the past in order to find our way in the future, rang as clear as day!

In the third and final book Maybe this Christmas we meet ex skiing champ Tyler, he has long ago given up the focus on a career that ended suddenly and instead now focuses on giving his daughter Jess, all the attention she needs, it's a challenge he never knew he would need to face. But life brings about a new challenge when the one woman he has always wanted but never dared to risk the friendship they share ends up in his bed. Only Brenna has always loved Tyler and after their one magical night finds the courage and tells Tyler all about it, but Tyler is not the forever kind thus leaving Brenna to not be so sure that any of it was worth it or that her Christmas wish will indeed come true. From this read am taking away a message of life throws us curveballs we never see coming, but what if we grab onto the curveball instead of dodging it? Will it work out, will it fail? No one knows but just maybe we will get what we want by grabbing hold of the curveball  that is the first step to making it happen.

The entire series is a must read, from Jackson and Kayla and their happiness found amonst the sleigh bells, to Sean and Elise ripping each other's clothes off on a hot summer's night to Tyler and Brenna finally having the best Christmas ever!

I am truly sad to see the family go and I am even more sad that I will never be able to visit Snow Crystal again, the calming effect that each book's scenery gave me was simply amazing. I fell in love with this family more and more with each book and I wanted to stay apart of it all. Sadly none of us can, but at least there is the magic of re-reading this magical , perfect romance series over and over again because believe me this is a series you want your on keepers-shelf!

I highly recommend this series for all fans of romance looking for the magic of love, Sarah Morgan 's writing is simply phenomenal! From sweet, slow and sexy to scorching hot to sensationally sensual each book has something for ever kind of romance fan , or is that a brother for every kind of woman? No matter just read it, you 'll thank me for as long as you live! Sleigh bells in the snow ~ Jackson and Kayla's story

Sleigh Bells in the Snow (O'Neil Brothers, #1)   

                                                         Suddenly Last Summer (O'Neil Brothers, #2)               
                                                                                                                  Maybe This Christmas (O'Neil Brothers, #3)