Tempted by her boss by Scarlet Wilson

Reviewed by Desere

Love can be infectious, so much so that some people crave the feeling of love so badly they go looking for it once they've lost it, all in an attempt to have that super high feeling again.

In the new read from to die for fabulous medical romance author Scarlet Wilson we meet Dr. Grace Barclay, one second she's sitting at her desk and the next she's naked in the decontamination showers with the one and the only notorious sex god Donovan Reid! Not anyone's typical day at the office huh?!

The chemistry between them is hotter than the Sahara desert, so when Grace is assigned to Donavan's team she has to know her stuff in order to remain cool and calm and of course not want to strip Donavan naked right there in front of the rest of the team, the man is her boss for goodness sake, so a dismissal will for darn sure be in the cards!

It does also however give her the chance to show off her knowledge and impress for the right reasons, but resisting Donavan is so hard , so very hard,. It's her career or the playboy she's fallen in love with that comes with a feeling of such intense proportions nothing else can compare , but which to chose?

I am totally addicted to this author's books. Not once have a I picked up a book by her and felt disappointed or let down. She creates these intense perfect characters with so many amazing levels of emotion it blows my mind time and time again.

This time she did it again but the difference for me was that she did it even better than ever before! The character of Donavan was so intense and so hot the man sent my heart fluttering and for the first time in a Scarlet Wilson book I wanted to very badly and with all my heart be the heroine.

I loved this man to bits! He had so many wonderful levels of consideration it melted my heart! The character of Grace was equally wonderfully written, I loved her spunk when it came to wanting so badly to prove she could do her job and do it well!

I am taking away a special message from this book, everyone has someone they want to protect,. Their reasons might not always be known to us, but the reasons are there. But it does not mean we can give up in wanting to know the reasons. So if you find yourself craving the forbidden take a risk, get down and dirty if you have to but make sure you learn those secrets because you never know what lies on the other side, it could just be the happiest part of your life. And never let your career stand in the way of your happiness, meeting the right person only happens once and as careers go , there are plenty out there and hey everyone has more than one talent!

I recommend this fabulous simply too good to be missed read for all fans of the Harlequin Medical Romance line, written by one of the most talented authors out there!

5/5 star review
" Love level : Infectious , Career disaster level : lethal"