Fifth Avenue Series Book 2 : Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews Fifth Avenue Series Book Two

Reviewed by Desere

Hunter Talbot Grant III is rich, beyond good looking and also sports figure du jour! But he's not your average rich boy wanting to ruffle the feathers of his disapproving family by pursuing a career in sports instead of the family business. Nope this guy has so many levels of deep, dark and dangerous it's downright scary!

Then years ago he lost someone very dear to him and it set him back on so many emotional levels that the man is beyond the repair by even the best of psychologists. So he hides out in the shadows and makes sure his lief is as miserable as possible , all in the name of punishment for not standing up for the one he loved.

But then the chance to take revenge against Jason Treffen, the man responsible for destroying the life of the woman he loved arises and it's game on. Only there is one tiny hiccup, and it comes in the form of the woman sent to tame him.

Zoe Brooks , PR agent extraordinaire never fails to transform the most tarnished of stars and pretty boy Hunter is no different, except this time around there's a catch. Zoe has a secret , she's also been on the receiving end of Jason 's wrong side and she wants revenge just as bad as Hunter does.  But will their out of control attraction stand in the way of getting the job done?

I have always enjoyed the books by this author, particularly because her hero's always start out being very dark , sometimes so dark it truly would scare me if I had to encounter one of them in real life, but the magic lies in the author taking a very dark hero and slowly but surely letting the man evolve into the type that any woman would fall for.

In this read she did it once again, only this time the hero was far darker than any other I have read before. Hunter was so aggressive I could feel his anger pulsing through his veins. Very intense reading !

The character of Zoe was super cool yet very sad. She has such a terrible past it just makes you want to cry your eyes out for this poor woman. But she faces up to each and every single challenge and downfall of life and  I totally loved it !

This is the second book in the Fifth Avenue Series and picks up very nicely with the first book Avenge me by Maisey Yates. Scandalize me takes us deeper into the mystery, and Caitlin Crews of course reveals more secrets but does it in such a manner it only makes you want to beg for more and there is simply no way you can resist wanting to read the final part of the series Expose Me by Kate Hewitt, which is another of my favorite authors so I know I will be in for a heck of a ride.

I will also add that the heat level in this book is super hot, but if you're not into the erotic side of romance this read is not for you. If you however like your hero's as dark in bed as they are in outside the bedroom, this is a sure fire winner of a read!

I highly recommend Scandalize me for anyone and everyone who loves a dark hero gone bad and then brought back out into the light by the woman sent to tame him, what could be more fun! The bonus is that Caitlin Crews wrote it and she knows her stuff !

5/5 star review
" Scandalizing is about to take on a whole new meaning"