The Chatsfield Book Four: Billionaire's Secret by Chantelle Shaw

Reviewed by Desere

Sometimes secrets manage to stay hidden for many years, and sometimes even never see the light of day. But then there are times when secrets just simply refuse to stay buried.

The forth book in the new Mills and Boon series tells of one time heartthrob of London's top elite , the very gorgeous Nicolo Chatsfield. Now living alone in his family 's crumbling estate , he is a tormented soul that no one dares reach out to.  That is until a glimmer of hope enters his sad world, and light stats to pour through chasing away the shadows of darkness.

The light at the end of the dark tunnel is known as Sophie Ashdown. Sophie knows about painful pasts all too well and has absolutely no intention of redeeming Nicolo, all she needs is for him to attend the Chatsfield shareholder's meeting and she'll be done with him.

She does not count on Nicolo being a dark, compelling man that more than sends her body racing and very soon Sophie finds herself trapped under the spell that is known as Nicolo and easing his pain in the most pleasurable way seems harmless enough right? But will she be able to walk away when Nicolo turns back to the shadows or will she try to keep the man she has fallen for in the light?

I have always enjoyed this author's books. Deeply emotional and always touching on real life issues. This time around was no different as the author again created two very realistic characters with very realistic issues.

Both Nicolo and Sophie were well written and each one had their own flare, I will say I felt less connected to Sophie then Nicolo, which was a very weird feeling because I have always felt much more connected to this author's heroines in her other books and usually the hero's are great but am never fully connected to them.

I really enjoyed both characters drawing each other out from the darkness they are trapped in. Sophie of course is much more of a plaster a smile on my face and hide the sadness person where Nicolo is a straight out don't bother me kind.

It made for some very interesting reading, and sent the anger sexual levels slotting off the charts and slotting in nicely with the rest of the atmosphere.

I am taking away a message of life is hard and can sometimes be so painful that we simply don't want to get up and try again. For some they find a lucky break and discover someone or something to bring them out from the shadows, but what if that someone also lives in the shadows, would you be strong enough to try and bring them out into the light as they did with you? Don't leave behind those who support you when you are down, because everyone needs someone.

I recommend this read for all fans of the romance line that likes a good , emotionally packed read of two souls saving each other before it's too late.

4 star review
" Sometimes secrets are meant to be revealed in order for a life to be restored"