Take me by Maisey Yates Fifth Avenue Prequel

Reviewed by Desere 

Watch out world the men from Fifth Avenue have arrived! In the prequel to what is definitely one of the best series ever released author Maisey Yates takes us into the exclusive world of New York's scandalous elite where everything is about to change.

Take me tells of Travis Beringer, as the son of a high-powered attorney Travis has never wanted for anything except the elusive Sydney Davis.

But everything changes in a heartbeat with the shocking death of her roommate, Sarah Michaels, and suddenly Sydney is in his arms seeking oblivion. Talk about a lucky break or is that a deadly break?

Travis and Sydney indulge in every single erotic fantasy they have fought against for so long, but what will happen when tomorrow comes? Will it still be a 'let's get down and dirty' fun fest or will reality rear it's ugly head and send the lovers in a down ward spiral neither one is prepared to face?

What a fantastic start to the series this was! The author really grabbed my attention and held it all the away through, which sadly does not always happen with most prequel's. All they tend to do is get you interested in the rest of the series but the actual characters that takes you in the world of the series is mostly there then just abruptly fades in order to make room for the rest of the characters in the other books of the series. This usually leaves me feeling empty and totally let down, and telling myself that I should have started with the first book and not have bothered with the prequel,.

I was more than happy that this was not the case in this prequel. The author went deep with the emotions of the characters and really let their tale of romance play out very nicely.

Highly recommended for all fans of romance and for those of us who are very addicted to series related reads, a very awesome first look into the Fifth Avenue world, where scandal, plans, power and money is at the top of the list to win the game!

5/5 star review
" Being taken has never been this this hot!"