Someone like you by Karen Rock

Someone Like You

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone knows you can't program love. It's meant to happen naturally , and no voodoo spell, or drink this magical potion is going to land you into the arms of the one and only.

But just maybe a new app can, well that's what Kayleigh Renshaw thinks, when she comes up with the idea of a brilliant
"compatibility app" , but the app's not for her to find love, it's only meant for others of the lonely life world to discover their true love, she'll keep playing it safe it 's the right thing to do.

The app is the wave of the future and the best kind of matchmaking software money can buy. All she needs to make it work is a programmer to help her bring the idea to the market.

And she knows the perfect rope me in am yours for the taking to work the magic needed. But there's a catch, because Mr work my magic Naill Walsh is not only Kayleigh's former best friend but also the one that has been avoiding her since his return from Afghanistan.

She can't quite seem to figure out if it's just her or if something far darker is holding him back. Can she gain access to his mind and discover what lies hidden behind his lazy all is well smile, or will she end up running away from her best friend when the truth is revealed?

I have been a huge fan of Karen Rock's truly inspirational reads since her first book. This author manages time and time again to take a everyday situation and turn it into such a vivid and realistic story that it is as if the characters are not simply a name on the page, but right there in front of you going through the worst time of their lives or finding their very own happy ever after. And this time was no different ! During this read I found myself thinking this is not a book, these are not just characters, this is not just a story, this is real life!

In this read I felt each and every single drop of emotion as if I was the one living it. The fear and anger Naill goes through at the loss of friend, the rage he feels at not knowing if what he is doing is the right thing or if he is simply mucking up again.

The heartache and feeling of being completely torn between honor towards her family and the man she has come to love that poor Kayleigh has to face. I more than once pulled out the tissues and bawled like a baby!

The character of Naill was such a heartbreaking one that I simply wanted to grab hold of this man and just hold him. I felt so sad for him and what the demons he had to face, and it reminded me of all the warriors of war out there, that sadly I see each day. They come home with nightmares, flashbacks and truly go through hell trying to try and re-learn life without thinking of what happened out on the battlefield. Some never even find the courage to crawl out from the hell they hide behind and simply fade away from the world. But then there are those like Naill who find a purpose to live again and this author reminded me that there is always hope and a way out. The scars never go away but with someone by your side they do get better and just a little easier to handle.

The character of Kayleigh was so sweet and so kind and just wants to make the world smile. I adored her so much and I saw myself in her all the way. It is a far nicer feeling to make people smile then sad. So yes I totally adored Kayleigh! She was so strong and courageous it made me so proud and I truly wished she could be real because I know for darn sure we would be best friends. Her not wanting to forget her family and the honor anyone would have for one's family made me sad, not because I don't believe in honor, for I definitely do, but because it made it so much harder for her to try and accept what happened to Naill. It is never easy to chose between being angry because of loss and learning to accept what happened and to instead fill your heart with love and not regret and hate. Through this character the author showed me that if we do go with the " I cannot accept what you caused " option then we will be pretty much as good as the walking dead. You will be left behind from the world and find yourself alone and in a pretty dark place, incapable of loving others.

I am taking away so many powerful messages from this read but the one that comes to light the most throughout the read is that we should never hide. Not from the world, not from those we love, and never from those we have lost. The world does not count because they are not ones that determine out happiness we are. The ones we love are the ones that will always be there for us no matter what, so don't push them away. And those ones we have lost, will never truly be gone, the memories of the times you sent together will always be there, and those can never be taken away, so don't let the ghosts of the past hold you back, smile and wave at them each day and thank them for looking down on you and giving you a chance to live.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads. The book is such an inspirational read you will find yourself having a new zest for life, no matter what the circumstances you are facing might be. You will want to push harder and harder to find a way out of what ever you might be needing to face. A truly remarkable, magical, blow me away, bawl my eyes out, make my heart soar, have anyone and everyone believe in romance read!

5/5 star review
" Together they rescue each other"